Want Liberty? Work For It!

After the expected failure of the “Defund Obamacare” initiative in the Senate, many liberty activists are wondering what the next step is.  The next steps are what they always have been: educate, organize, win elections, and legislate.

The first step is always education.  We need to educate both ourselves and our fellow Americans on their rights and the alternatives to big government.  There are many great organizations out there that specialize in this such as the Foundation For Economic Education, the Cato Institute, and the Heritage Foundation among others.  They provide everything from issue briefs to books to recorded seminars, many of which are free or low cost. Utilize these resources to educate yourselves on liberty and share them with others.  We also must use pop culture to market these ideas to so-called “low-information voters”.

Once we have educated ourselves and our fellow Americans on the ideas of liberty and big government, we need to win elections.  There is only so much we can do with a minority of the government.  We must defeat statists on all levels.  It is not enough to just slow down the growth of government, we must reverse it.  To do that, we must elect more liberty-minded people into office.

Like a soldier preparing to fight a war, we must study the tactics, technology, and skills of political campaigning.  The Leadership Institute is an outstanding resource from which to learn the “how tos” about political campaigning.  Having graduated two of their schools, I cannot recommend them enough.

To do all of this will require hard work, much of which will be thankless.  It will require us to sacrifice our time and our money for our beliefs.  While marathon speeches and futile legislative maneuvers may rally us, we must be willing to use that morale boost and get started on the hard task of saving our country from statism and tyranny.  Go out and join your local tea party, join the Republican Party and work to change it from within, attend a local Liberty on the Rocks event, get involved with various national organizations likeFreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity among many others, and/or of you can write, start a blog or write letters to the editor for your local newspaper.  If we want to save our country, we need to go out and become the difference.

We need to network, organize, educate, and campaign not because it is the easy way to promote liberty, but because it is the only way.