Two Sad Storeys

It’s 2016.  There have been terrorist attacks on American soil.  Race riots.  Police shootings and assassinations.  Two of the least liked candidates in the history of American politics are running for President.

And Gregory Storey (Husband of Roselle Park, NJ, Democrat Councilwoman Charlene “Holiday Tree Resignation” Storey) is upset.

What is he upset about?

Is it Union County’s $58 million dollar bond that is going to in all likelihood be approved next week?


Is it the presidential race going into overdrive straight into crazy town?


Is it Religious Extremists who will stop at nothing in order to force their faith onto the rest of this world?


Wait, never mind, that’s what he’s upset about- but no, it’s not ISIS bugging him.  It’s this:


No, it’s not Veterans Memorial Library itself he’s torqued about (though if they have a Theology section, I’m sure he’s not pleased about it)- his issue is with the cross on the metal statue of a VETERAN PAYING RESPECT TO A FALLEN COMRADE.

And that pisses me off.

You see, Mr. Storey is an Atheist, and, as is apparent by his objections to this display, an asshole.  I take no pleasure in pointing out this fact about Mr. Storey- I’m also an Atheist, so seeing this kind of penny-ante bullshit, culminating in cries of  “It’s Unconstitutional!!!” is not only depressing, it’s embarrassing.  It’s incredibly upsetting to be of the same “religious” affiliation as these overly litigious busybody nanny-statist crybabies.  Whenever I get into conversations about religion, I always find myself apologizing over the likes of the Storeys.

“Don’t worry, I’m not one of those asshole Atheists, I promise!”

Being associated with people who are so obsessed with their own opinions that they’re offended by a small, well-intentioned display meant to HONOR FALLEN SOLDIERS isn’t fun.

But, sadly, it’s not always just Atheists I’m embarrassed to be associated with.

As a fan of Philip Defranco (one of the few honest journalists left) I learned about YouTuber & model Gigi Lazzarato’s harrowing experience being detained in Dubai because she’s a Transsexual.
Thankfully she was able to stay safe while being detained for five hours after her passport was confiscated by officials.  However, many others in the LGBT community have not been so lucky- many have been jailed for months before being deported, just for kissing in public.  It is impossible to argue that the way the UAE treats gay and transsexual people is anything other than horrendous- yet, instead of being relieved that a person has been spared time in jail for being Trans, conservative “news” site Twitchy decides to pile onto Gigi for being “the only person surprised
by her detainment.

And that ALSO pisses me off.

Instead of reaching out and commiserating about the human rights tragedies generated by Islamic Theocracies such as the UAE, we make fun of the victims because- well, I don’t even want to venture a guess, but when I see tweets like these in response to the Twitchy article, it makes me sick.

And sad.

Because so many of my teams have really vocal assholes on them.

And it’s no fun having to tell people “Don’t worry, I’m not one of those asshole Republicans, I promise!”