The Tea Party Community aka The Tea Party Facebook


If you’re looking for a place where conservatives like you can say what you want without censorship, then the Facebook-style Tea Party Community is not the place for you. I warn you first, because unless you’re a Straight Christian that doesn’t support gays and dislikes Ron Paul then you’re not welcome. You can create a profile, but if you ask them about broadening the base, then be prepared to endure a ton of hate.



Recently I signed up hoping that I would be welcome. I mean, after the last election where Conservatives lost because 3 million Registered Republicans stayed home due to the fact that they were not satisfied with the moderate Mitt Romney, I figured that Conservatives would be willing to broaden the base. I was wrong. In fact this community with over 100,000 members not only wants to exclude gays, libertarians, and Ron Paul folks, but they will also call you a “Soros plant”, or a “liberal Troll”.



Being gay I’m used to being called every name in the book by both sides, but I never expected this. There is nothing wrong with gays, women, blacks, or transgender folks being conservatives. I’ve asked many times if Republicans wouldn’t mind allowing gays a seat at the table to discuss solutions to winning (instead of losing) races. That’s not going to happen. Unless we broaden the base we will lose. I’m not saying let’s advocate for same-sex marriage, or just gay rights in general. I feel that by allowing gays, Libertarians, and Ron Paul people a seat at the table, and allowing them to speak, it would not only make the lame stream media’s head’s explode, but would bring more voters to the voting booth.
We should learn something from the Democrats. They stick together no matter what, and they win.


There is an agenda on the Tea Party Community, and that’s only to allow straight Christians a seat at the table. They think that they’re going to win. I have news for them: 2016 will go to Hillary because I believe that even more gay Conservatives will vote for a woman in the Democratic Party if they’re not able to have a seat in the Republican Party.


Let’s hope that the Tea Party Community wakes up. No one’s asking them to compromise their core values. The only thing we’re asking is if they will allow us to sit at the same table as they do. This isn’t the 1960′s, where blacks were not allowed to drink from the same water fountain. Let’s stand up, and stand together, and fight the radical left. The right can become just as Radical, just with the Constitution in our hand, and a gun in the other. I’m not saying let’s go shoot anyone. I’m saying let’s protect ourselves from the radical left when they decide to become violent.