The Refinery

Have you ever tried to talk with somebody about politics, only to wind up feeling defeated, beat-down and hopeless?  Even when you’re talking with somebody who is ostensibly “on your side”?

I have.  It sucks.

It sucks when you try to present a case to a liberal or independent friend and are immediately shut down because “Aw man, why do you have to talk politics?”  Well, that, or they start reciting the “Old, White, Racist, Sexist, Corporatist Obstructers of Progress” incantation in an effort to ward of the uncoolness of your political leanings.

However, as much as THAT sucks, it is much worse when it’s your comrades-in-arms who try to shut down a discussion.

It is utterly deflating to try to explain your side of an issue, or even to just discuss how we engage an issue, only to be told that the subject is invalid because anything other than loud yelling and righteous indignation would “violate our principles”.  In other words,  you’re told to check your RINO privilege.

Fortunately, some of these dialog-chilling situations can be prevented, provided your message is presented in the right way.  Sharpened, honed for the purpose of piercing the force-field of self-selected bunker mentality that too many of us find ourselves in.

Finding those tactics, those arguments, those messages is one of the goals of The Refinery; a collaborative project of Free Radical NetworkThe Party Of Choice, and The Conservative Union.
Each Tuesday night at 9:30pm eastern, members of each group come to together to discuss messaging successes, failures, and strategies in an effort to make ourselves, and the movement as a whole, better at selling Liberty.

Because if we can’t sell Liberty, we suck; but if we can’t learn how to sell Liberty, we are defeated.

So let’s become better salespeople together!