The Party of “No” Strikes Again

According to the hackneyed narrative, the Republicans are the party of “no”. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives is where brilliant liberal ideas go to fester, and writhe, to a sad death, either through inaction or being ignored. For example, the president drafts a budget, and sends it to the House, and then it is never heard about again – falling into a sort of legislative Bermuda Triangle. The main problems with this entire narrative (which I hope the reader have already identified) are at least twofold: one, the president’s budget is a mere guideline – a wishlist of where he would like to see money spent (and the House is under no obligation to be his rubber stamp), and two, it is actually the Senate where bills have frequently been abandoned, and left to collect dust. Democrat Senate leader, and extreme bill-tabler, Harry Reid, neglected to bring a budget to vote for over 1,000 days. He is now, still playing blocker for President Obama, offering some of the most staunch rhetoric dealing with Obamacare. Harry Reid has gone so far to claim that the House is now being run by “anarchists”. That is right, because they are following normal protocol, and fulfilling the duties of government, Reid refers to them as anarchists. Running the government contrary to Democrats’ wishes gets you called names – and incorrectly applied names at that.

Harry Reid's not sure what an anarchist is, but he still calls people anarchists...From

anarchist (ˈænəkɪst)
— n
1. a person who advocates the abolition of government and a social system based on voluntary cooperation

Reid told Republicans that if they sent a bill to him that affected Obamacare negatively, it would have no shot in the Senate. For his part, the President says he will not negotiate on the debt ceiling. The most liberal Democrats continue to support the healthcare overhaul, and tout its yet unseen affordability, cost savings, ability to retain your favorite doctors and plans, and increase in care quality. They are quick to point out that Obamacare is the “law of the land” now though. But then, ensuring there is no voter intimidation, going to war without Congressional approval, and passing budgets — all other “laws of the land”… Every time a criticism or attempt to curb the powers and bureaucracy of Obamacare come up, even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, the Democrats turn themselves into pretzels explaining how it is still a much-needed program. We simply must have this massively expensive, job-killing, doctor-shortage-causing program, they explain. It all started with no need to actually read the bill, to no additional considerations necessary, no heed paid to the CBO’s continuously worsening projections, and certainly no need to stop issuing exemptions to friends and families of legislators.