The Democrat Tantrum

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article is reprinted with the generous permission of its author, Brock Mackin.  It was originally posted at Brock’s Political Forum group on Facebook.

Over the last few days I have heard the President, his spokesman, Sen. Reid, and Rep. Pelosi and company accuse the Republicans of holding the country hostage, putting a gun to the country’s head, and acting like jihadists who are willing to blow up the whole economy.

I have heard Sen. Reid lay into a CNN reporter for daring to ask him why he wouldn’t consider a stand-alone funding bill for NIH, so that children who are participating in clinical trials could continue to receive treatment.  His response was “Why would we do that?” and “Why do they get to decide which parts of the government get funded?”

I have seen the President order barricades with BARBED WIRE put up around an open air WWII memorial to keep people from visiting something that is normally open to the public 24/7 365.

I have read a report that the State of Arizona offered to fund the operation of the Grand Canyon National Parkand was rebuffed.

I have seen the House offer bills to fund the entire government with only a delay of the individual mandate for one year (just like the President did with the employer mandate) and removing the income limit exemption that was given by executive authority to Congress members and their staffs with regard to subsidies to policies bought on the exchanges.

The “jihadist” Republicans have tried over and over to ensure funding for the most critical needs and the ones that have the greatest effect on the general public like NIH, WIC, VA, and National Park Service.

It is Harry Reid and the President who are unwilling to even consider any of these things.  On the contrary, the President is doing everything he can to make sure that this government “shut down” is as painful as possible to as many people as possible while he tries to paint the Republicans as intransigent and refuses to even discuss anything; instead demanding that they give him exactly what he wants and absolutely nothing less.

I personally don’t like to see politicians use terms like ‘terrorist’ and ‘jihadist’ and ‘hostage-taking’ when talking about other people in the government, because I think it breeds ill will and makes it harder to work together.  But it seems to me that if one side is digging their heels in and being unreasonable, it is the Democrats.  It seems to me that they are willing to inflict untold harm on tens of thousands of American families for the sake of not giving the Republicans any say on the healthcare law.

Please recall that the law was passed on a strict party-line vote in both houses.  Not one Republican voted for it, because at the time the Democrats had both houses of Congress and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate; so they basically told the Republicans “We don’t need you, so we are not going to give you anything.”  And don’t mention the fight over the public option. That was left out because a number of moderate Democrats in the Senate wouldn’t support it, not as a concession to Republicans.  When you enact a major change of social policy on a party line vote, it is an act of hubris and you are asking for trouble, which is exactly what we have now.