The Dangers of Dismissal

I recently penned an open letter to the political left.  I posited several questions for consideration, and some may have even given it consideration.  Now I’d like to deliver a warning to those individuals.

Of all the Americans that need most worry about these scandals it’s you.  Not because it affects your party or your political view; rather, to summarily dismiss them out of hand, to suggest they are fabricated and made up is not only dangerous, it is fatal.  There will come a time when the roles are reversed.  That is you will no longer be in power, despite your efforts.  When Republicans again hold power, and scandals rock the nation, how many will they try to sweep under the rug and dismiss as nothing simply based on your behavior now?

It was ok for the Obama Administration, it’s ok for us.  This is not ok.  No scandal is ok.  Your actions now, give them cover later.

Instead, it is you who should dig the deepest, pry the hardest, cry the loudest about these scandals.  Thus, when real scandals erupt around a Republican President, you will have legitimate ground to stand on.  Otherwise, you’re just crying wolf one too many times.  The letter next to the name should make no difference.

It’s been suggested all administrations use the IRS to harass.  If true, I’m truly appalled.  This individualsuggested he was targeted by the Bush Administration 5 times.  I’m most likely to call BS.  If true, were others that criticized targeted?  Is the pattern real?  If so, it needs to be investigated. That is as serious an allegation as these are now.  Frankly, I am inclined to believe his claim is nothing more than a fabrication created to dismiss the current scandal.

Dismissing the scandal by saying that the Tea Party deserved it is very dangerous.  What happens if Gays are targeted?  Is that ok because it’s just par for the course?  If it’s wrong to target one group, it’s wrong to target ANY group.  In fact, NO ONE should be targeted.  The word of the day currently making the rounds is overreach.  The GOP has overreached on these scandals.  Excuse me?  This is government overreach, pure and simple.  That is the overreach you should be addressing.  That our government can target people is the true overreach going on.  Stop it.  The time has come to eliminate the IRS once and for all.

You see, truth matters and so does trust.  When you dismiss the IRS actions so readily and out of hand, it destroys the trust the American people have in the institution.  And when the trust is gone, no one believes you anymore.  If you fail to speak against this wrong now, who will speak for you when you are targeted?

When there is no trust in Government, the Government you want so desperately for us to trust, it fails.  Or far worse, become despotic.  In your eagerness to dismiss these scandals, you sow the seeds of your own destruction.  Perhaps, I ought to encourage you to continue instead.