The Battle Of Mississippi

On Thursday, Mississippi state Senator Chris McDaniel announced his candidacy for the US Senate.  This will likely pit him against US Senator Thad Cochran who has been in the Senate since 1978.  This is shaping up to be a battle between the Tea Party backed McDaniel and the old guard establishment politician Cochran.

While in the Senate, Thad Cochran has unfortunately established himself as one of the major opponents of liberty in the Republican caucus.  In 2010, Cochran sponsored more wasteful, pork barrel spending than any other member of Congress.  Cochran has also been a major supporter of farm subsidies which cause higher food prices for the American people.  Cochran supported the Internet Sales Tax in the Senate as well.  He has supported energy subsidies and higher corporate income taxesstood with Barack Obama and John McCain instead of Rand Paul on the issue of drone warfare against Americans, was the first GOP Senator to back Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretaryvoted for the “fiscal cliff” tax hike at the beginning of the year, voted for the Medicare Part D free prescription drugs entitlement during the George W. Bush Administration, voted for the PATRIOT ACT and for its renewal which has led to the Obama Administration’s NSA spy program, among many other anti-liberty votes.  Thad Cochran is just another stale, big-government conservative who needs to leave the Senate and head on over to his lobbying gig on K-Street.

Chris McDaniel on the other hand has fought for liberty in the Mississippi State Senate.  He filed a lawsuit on behalf of then Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant and other Mississippians against Obamacare.  McDaniel also wrote a bill that became law this year that protected the religious liberty of students in Mississippi.  One of the major contrasts between McDaniel and Thad Cochran is on the issue of indefinite detention of Americans without charge in the NDAA.  Cochran supported indefinite detention, while McDaniel filed a bill barring Mississippi from implementing the indefinite detention provisions.  Senator McDaniel has also been achampion of the Tenth Amendment and a defender of state sovereignty.  McDaniel additionally led the fight against the Obamacare exchanges in Mississippi.  This year, Senator McDaniel led the fight against a universal pre-K program that would’ve been an additional burden on Mississippi taxpayers.  Finally, McDanielled the fight against eminent domain abuse in the wake of the Kelo decision, as opposed to Thad Cochran who refused to support eminent domain restrictions.

The choice in Mississippi is clear: between a failed establishment politician who is an embodiment of what’s wrong with the Republican Party, or a liberty-minded conservative warrior in the mold of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul.  I lived in Mississippi until recently, and I hope my friends there make the right choice and support Chris McDaniel for the US Senate.

For more information about Chris McDaniel, please visit his Senate campaign website and his personal website.