The American President

This morning I got up, made a cup of coffee,
turned on the TV and checked my email.  As I was flipping channels
to find appropriate background noise, I discovered the movie “The
American President” was on and I just couldn’t flip the channel any
more.  I know, I know, another uber-liberal Rob Reiner movie.
I can’t help it, I have to watch when it is on.  I think it goes
back to my adoring love of Michael J. Fox when he played the hottest
young Republican Alex P. Keaton in 1980’s TV series “Family Ties.”

“The American President” is a comedy-drama about a widowed US
president and lobbyist who fall in love.  It stars Michael Douglas,
Annette Bening, Martin Sheen and Michael J. Fox, like I
said…uber-liberal.  When I watch this movie, I do my best to ignore
the liberal overtones, which becomes harder each time I watch, but then
I get to one scene and my heart swells.  It is a scene towards the
end of the movie.  It is a conversation between the Chief of staff
AJ MacInerny, Lewis Rothchild, the Assistant to the President for
Domestic Policy and the President.  The lines that gets me are as


Lewis Rothschild:  Mr. President you raised a
daughter almost entirely on your own and she’s terrific.  So what
does it say to you that in the past weeks 59% of this country has begun
to question your family values?

 AJ MacInerny:  The president doesn’t answer to you Lewis.

 Lewis Rothschild:  Oh yes he does AJ.
I’m a citizen. And this is my president.  And in this country it is
not only permissible to question our leaders it is our responsibility.
But you already know that don’t you Mr. President.


I would give my right arm to say that to the president, vice
president, congress and the media.  When did it become wrong to
question the President?  When did I become racist because I
disagree?  When did I become a terrorist because I think the
President’s policies are wrong?

In this country it is not only permissible to question our leaders it
our responsibility.  Once upon a time the media took care of that
for us by asking our leaders the tough questions, but that doesn’t
happen anymore.  It has become the citizen’s responsibility.
It is why we have to scour the Internet for multiple articles on the
same subject to find the truth.  It is why we write letters to the
Senate, Congress and the White House.  It is why we
demonstrate.  It is why repeatedly post on Facebook, Twitter and
other social media.  It is why we create web pages like
www.freeradicalnetwork.com.  It is why we go to town hall
meetings.  It is why run for political offices.  It is why we

Here is just a little warning to you Mr. President.  I will
continue to hold you responsible for this country.  I will continue
to ask the tough questions.

  • Why did you give guns to the Mexicans Drug Cartels in Fast and
    Furious?  What did you do, and are you going to do to fix the
  • “Why didn’t you save the Americans in Benghazi?  Why does your office continue to try and cover up the facts?
  • Why couldn’t you get a budget to pass?  Why can’t the
    government be fiscally responsible?  Why are you wasting my hard
    earned money?
  • Why is it the EPA giving preferential treatment to liberal
    groups and putting up roadblocks for conservative groups with FOIA
  • What the heck is going on with the IRS, and what makes them
    qualified to run Obamacare?  How many people needed help filing
    last year because taxes are so confusing?  Really?  And you
    want the IRS to determine if I really need a medical procedure or not?
  • Why are you pushing stronger gun control laws that would have
    been and will be ineffective in preventing recent mass killings
    throughout the country?
  •  Why is the Justice Department spying on reporters when it is their job and responsibility to question you and your policies?
  • Why is Eric Holder still U.S. Attorney General?
  • When are you going to stop vacationing and playing golf and start acting like a President?


I get frustrated, and many other Americans do, but I will continue to
ask the questions.  I will accept my responsibility as an American
citizen and ask the tough questions.  I will continue to talk
about the scandals, lies and cover-ups.  I will continue to inform
the uninformed.  Most importantly, I will continue to ask my
president why.

What will you do?