Survive And Advance

Drama.  People frantically running around.  Last second comebacks.  Accusations of things being rigged.

No, I’m not talking about the World Cup, I’m talking about the much lamented GOP #MSSen runoff election.
Like the vast majority of people in FRN’s circle, I was rooting for Chris McDaniel to unseat Thad Cochran in this week’s race.

Sadly, assuming that nothing comes from the investigations the McDaniel’s campaign has demanded,  that’s not going to happen.

What DID (predictably) happen, was that as soon as Cochran was declared the winner, cries of
The Tea Party is DEAD!” could be heard from every mainstream news source under the Sun.

Great. This again.

I would like to take this time to remind everyone that it has been less than a month since Eric Cantor was upset by Dave Brat.

Less. Than. A. Month.

I remember, mostly because I wrote about it…  But I also forgot to post the article I wrote.  Oops.

Since we’re all still a bit shell-shocked from Tuesday, I figure now might be a good time to finally post my thoughts about the wildly successful Cantor-Offensive, so take an minute and relive the glory!

Eric Cantor will not be the House Majority Leader next year, and everyone knows why.

Except they probably don’t, but that won’t stop them from specu-congratulating each other while on the topic.

So far I’ve seen Dave Brat’s win credited to 4 different radio hosts, more than a handful of bloggers, The Gun Lobby, Immigration Reform, Racism, Antisemitism, Low Turnout, Incompetence,  Bad Internal Polling, and Cantor & Co being too close to “K Street”.

Oh.  He also won because the “Tea Party” isn’t dead.  Again.

Or is it “still”?

I’m not sure anymore.  The “Tea Party” has been killed more times than your favorite Game of Thrones characters- and been brought back to life more times than your favorite super hero.  It’s for those reasons that I’ve reached a state of  “teaquilibrium”.  I didn’t get freaked out when Steve Stockman lost to John Cornyn in Texas’s GOP Senate primary, nor was I particularly moved when “Tea Party Dan Patrick” (as opposed to previous versions) defeated David Dewhurst in the Lt. Governor race runoff.

And so tonight, I remain completely unfazed by the already much feted Cantor loss.

Because, really, how does a “Tea Party” victory in Virginia impact, say, the Senate race in my home state of New Jersey?  Jeff Bell isn’t an establishment guy, and he stands for a lot of what the Tea Party stands for.  Does Eric Cantor’s loss mean that Mr. Bell will have better odds against Cory Booker in November?

Somehow, I don’t think it will, so I’m going to manage my “Tea Party Mojo” expectations.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Okay, sorry.  I know that wasn’t really an upper, but it needed to be said.  The fact is, that’s just how politics works.  Sometimes you have big wins against entrenched, unbeatable appearing opponents, and sometimes you endure losses to foes you thought you had already vanquished.

It sucks, but like the US Men’s Soccer Team, we need to gut out our losses and  move on to the next opponent.

Remember, the primaries are just the preliminaries, the REAL fight is in November.