Sequestration Frustration — How Did We Get Here?

Like most folks, I am sick of the sequester nonsense.  But not for the reasons you think.  What I am really sick of is the blame-shifting from both sides.  I even saw a tweet from House Speaker John Boehner calling it the Obamaquester.


Whether this was President Barack Obama’s idea or not (and thanks to Bob Woodward we know that it was his) is immaterial.  Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we?  Remember that budget battle in 2011?  Ah, those heady days in the aftermath of 2010’s glorious rebuke of the President.  The tea party was in charge in Washington now.  Look out!  Because things were changing!  Or not.

So with the showdown coming, the Republican leadership had a choice to make [especially since Senator Harry Reid (Collectivist-NV) and his Democratic cohorts in that chamber were AWOL].  They could make a deal or shut the government down.  And this is what Boehner (Statist-OH), House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Statist-VA and my former congressman), House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (Statist-CA), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Statist-KY) and then Senate Minority Whip Roy Blunt (Statist-MO) came up with.

They didn’t shut down the government down because oh, no; we can’t win that fight.  So they came up with a debt commission made up of three Republicans and three Democrats from each chamber.  They would have a certain amount time to come up with a deal or we would have these automatic cuts called sequestration.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages; these genius GOPers thought another Commission would work.  Even after the President ignored the Simpson/Bowles debt commission.  Even knowing that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Collectivist-CA) and Reid would be making the appointments.  You have got to be kidding me.

And here’s who the Democrats sent up: Patty Murray (Collectivist-WA, 2011 Americans for Democratic Action rating 95%), Max Baucus (Collectivist-MT, ADA 85), now Secretary of State John Kerry (Collectivist-MA, ADA 90), Xavier Becerra (Collectivist-CA, ADA 90), Jim Clyburn (Collectivist Racebaiter-SC, ADA 90) and Chris van Hollen (Collectivist-MD ADA 80).  Oh yeah the Democrats took that really seriously.  Some budget hawks and defenders of the people’s treasure in that group.  Oh boy!  So what chance did Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Rob Portman (R-OH), Pat Toomey (R-PA), Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Fred Upton (Statist-MI) and Dave Camp (Statist-MI) really have to make a deal with that wonderful group of people?  And what the hell were Upton and Camp doing on this committee in the first place?

I know it seems tedious to look back, but since the sequester is about to happen and the talk surrounding it is making steam come out of my ears I felt we should revisit how we got here.  And I wanted to make the point that by bottling out of this fight and acting gutless, the Republicans not only hurt their chances in 2012, they’ve set up this crap bog they find themselves in now.

And yet every person I mentioned in the GOP congressional leadership still has their position except for Blunt.  Replaced by a similarly-minded individual in John Cornyn (R-TX).  That is unacceptable and needs to change!

First and foremost, everyone needs to contact their representatives when the Sequester kicks and give them an earful.  Not because the cuts are too draconian, but because it’s a big fat con that does nothing to solve the major problems.  Also let them know that the current GOP leadership isn’t good enough.

Secondly, anyone in the districts of Congressman Cantor, Boehner and McCarthy need to hook up with their local tea party and work to defeat and/or make those three gentlemen as uncomfortable as possible.  That goes double for Senators McConnell (up in 2014), Blunt and Cornyn (also up in 2014).  We can do better.  Look at men like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz in the Senate, Jim Jordan and Paul Ryan in the House.  Better congressional leadership is the first step to setting things right in 2016!