RIP, Radical

RIP, Andrew Breitbart.  I have nothing profound to say, because all my words are broken.

I’m among the fortunate to have met you, and I treasure my wine-stained book you signed for me, and the nice things you said about me.  I never got to tell you how much I appreciated you.  You taught me what RADICAL really is.  And made me a little less afraid to be one.



“But for New Media and social media, there’s a strong chance I would say the movement wouldn’t have happened, because the media would have shut us up, we could not have used it as a means to tell each other that we need to show up and save the country.”  At the Saddle-Up Texas Straw Poll January 2012

A collection of our favorite quotes and our thoughts about Andrew Breitbart on the anniversary of his passing.

“They think we should sit down and shut up, and that is ending right now”

“They declared war on us; we did not declare war on them.”

“We have an obligation to fight back.”

On the Institutional Left’s attacks on conservatives, SRLC 2010

“If you can’t sell freedom and liberty, you suck…  Profoundly. Irrationally… I just don’t understand that, I mean, that is the lifeblood of humanity – freedom and liberty – and the Republicans make it so boring.”

At Right Online 2011

“Everything has changed. Everything has changed in the last few years.  Conservatives used to take it and we’re not taking it anymore”

“We’re going to listen to every word that comes out of your mouth, we’re going to hold you to the same standard that you hold us to, which is an impossible one.”

“Anyone that’s willing to stand next to me to fight the Progressive Left, I will be in that bunker.  And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with this candidate, more than shame on you: you’re on the other side.”

At CPAC 2012


From J.D. Bryden (NJlibertarian/@BadMesmer)
I missed seeing Andrew Breitbart by one hour.  Last CPAC, I made the 4 hour trek down from Jersey for one day, Saturday, to catch the final day of the convention.  My schedule was such that I could only go Saturday, though I had really wanted to be there Friday.  Friday, because the featured speaker was the Hero Of Weinergate, Andrew Breitbart.  AB was the antithesis of what was, for a long time, my idea of a Republican.  He had no southern accent, he wasn’t uptight, he rollerbladed… And he wasn’t pretentious.  I think that’s what got me the most.  Well, that and the fact that he had no qualms with being a goofball.  The chance that I might be able to even be in the same room with that guy was more than enough reason for me to go.  So I went.  For 8 hours I ran around CPAC, had fun and saw people I admire and respect.  But I didn’t get to see Andrew.  I bought my train tickets on the internet ahead of time, so I knew as soon as the Keynote (Sarah Palin) was done, I had to be on a train back to Union Station.  And I was.  I still regret it, because shortly after I left, AB pulled a prank on the media that they reeled from.  He told the Occupiers (remember those guys? Where’d they go?) who had been harassing CPAC goers to behave themselves….And subsequently got liberal hosts to admit to the rapes and violence prevalent within the occupy movement.  

And I missed it.  By less than an hour, I missed Andrew Breitbart.

Now, sadly, we all do.

From Peter Ream:

Andrew Breitbart

The name conjures all sorts of emotions from both left and right. Many I know have met the man personally, interestingly enough, those I know who revile the man, never actually met him. That interesting note aside, I am indifferent about him as I never met him in person.

His work; however, is unrivaled. While indifferent to him, what I do have is a deep and profound respect for his work and work ethic. He understood what was happening to this country and set out to change it. You might disagree with his approach but you have to respect his results. He understood his enemy and fought back successfully.

While many were and are blindly devoted to Breitbart, I was not. But I have a deep and profound respect for the man. On this anniversary of his death, I will be honoring him by continuing his work while walking my own path. Not with blind devotion. With respect.

Andrew Breitbart


From Stephen Glaug

Andrew has been dead a year now.  It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! I woke up at 5pm and turned on The Five and Greg Gutfeld said Andrew had died.  I waited for the Punch line from Greg and all I got was punched.  You can’t replace Andrew and you shouldn’t try.  Andrew always wanted more voices in the “New Media”.  Right now I see conservatives who missed his whole point. Follow your principles and not the person.  He will always be a titan in the New Media world, but all he wanted was a better place for his family and yours to live.  Andrew you were a good man and you will be missed. 

From Trish Proulx

What can I say about Andrew Breitbart that hasn’t already said, not much!  Andrew to me was fearless.  I can’t count the number of times I shook my head as Andrew waltzed into the lion’s den and came out standing.  I loved his passion for his country, his family, and friends.  He made you feel you mattered to the cause even if it was just the support and encouragement he gave.  I love the fact that many of us are standing up and fighting for what we believe in as our way of saying thank you to Andrew for all that he did.  I love that he fought for what he believed and never hid the mistakes that he made.  He used them as examples of what not to do.  I loved his sense of humor and how he functioned with his ADHD.  Andrew made this world a better place and I am so grateful that I got to know him just a tiny bit from here in Canada.

 Miss you lots Andrew,