Ready Or Not, You’re A Common-Law Couple Now!

As if the government hasn’t already butted into people’s lives enough, they found one more way.

An article “New BC Law May Stress Out Couples” (which went into affect March 18, 2013), discusses the British Columbia Government now dictating that after two years, two people that are living together and in a relationship automatically become “common-law” partners, ready or not!

It’s one thing for two people to sit down and talk about their relationship to decide whether or not they want to get legally married or enter into a common-law relationship.  It’s another for the government to stick their noses in where it doesn’t belong.   As it stands now, even if you haven’t made up your mind on the status of your relationship, you have the same legal status as a couple who voluntarily enter into this type of a relationship.

The stress that this can put on couples who are not ready to take their relationship to the next step is definitely NOT helpful.  Some couples need more than two years to get to this point and should be able to WITHOUT the government forcing them to.  Everyone is different and has their own schedule.  Why two years?  Why not one or three years?

If a couple are going to live together but not necessarily as a married or common-law couple, then, they should definitely set up a legal agreement to protect each other’s property.  What if two people are living together as friends-with-benefits, but not as a couple?  Most people won’t correct others’ perception of the relationship so that they don’t have to explain it.  But the government has no right to dictate on people’s liberty and they definitely need to butt out!