RE: Culture: Sharing Is Winning

Hey Radicals, for this week’s RE: Culture I want to talk about the News.  Not “the News”, as in current events like the death of Margaret Thatcher or the heightened rhetoric coming out of North Korea.  I mean how people obtain their news.  It’s not as cut-and-dry as you might think.

Let’s look at an example: my family.

My mom is the prototypical Fox News viewer; she loves their prime time line-up, particularly Sean Hannity, and will occasionally listen to Mark Levin on her drive home.  She does not visit websites for news unless she is sent links via email, nor is she active on social media.

My dad is a stalwart Republican and doesn’t pay much attention to the news.  Quite frankly, he’s too busy to care.  Sure, he’ll usually catch a bit of “Imus In The Morning” as he commutes to work, but after that he remains mostly news free until he gets home.  Once home (and after Jeopardy! is over) he’ll log on to AOL and skim the headlines from HuffPo to get the gist of current events, reading one out-loud every now and again for the sole purpose of tweaking me.

My sister is a liberal.  I’m not entirely certain of her news consumption habits, though I do know that she doesn’t watch TV news and has mentioned reading Huffington Post as well as Salon in the past.  She also has lots of friends on Facebook who supply her with the latest in liberal talking points, and doesn’t seem too keen to hear other perspectives.

As for me, I am an above-average news consumer.  On a daily basis I catch about 4 hours worth of TV news from various channels (yes, even ones without the word “Fox” in the name), I read a ton of different blogs and news sites multiple times a day, and I check my twitter feed on such a regular basis I am ashamed to even think about it.  I am also almost constantly connected to Facebook in some way or another, and, like my sister, I have a cohort of friends who share political news with me.  However, unlike my sister, MY friends are quite a bit more diverse in their choice of news-sharing.

But of course, sharing isn’t just a one-way street.  I relish sharing things back, and not just to my Facebook friends either.  I’m constantly talking about the news and current event with my real life friends and my parents, too.  I “hit the share button” on more than just text articles; I read things out loud, I play video clips (iPads and Smart phones are badass!) and I ask questions.

And I get responses.

That’s a pretty cool thing, getting responses. It means that you’ve caused somebody to think, however briefly, about more than just work or sports or whatever it is non-news-junkies think about.  That’s a big deal.  Thoughts have a way of sticking with people; and combining those thoughts with your opinions means potentially changing minds.

And changing minds and educating people is of paramount importance to our movement right now.

You know, a lot of us conservatives complain about the “uninformed voter” always screwing us over in elections.  Well, this is how you solve that problem.  Share what you read, share what scares you and what gives you hope.  There is no lack of news these days, and a lot of it is important, too.  The Gosnell trial is getting how much coverage again?  Does anyone even remember what Benghazi is?  Wasn’t there some story about somebody dying on the Mexican border or something….

“Oh  hey, Dancing With The Stars is back on!”

People will forget if you don’t remind them.  Heck, a lot of the time, they won’t KNOW unless you inform them!  Of course, if it comes to that, who are your friends and neighbors more likely to trust: you, or some politico on a TV channel they don’t even  watch?  But you have to get the ball rolling.  Thankfully, clicking “share” or having a conversation is pretty cheap, and can be extremely entertaining.  You know, aside from the fact that the fate of the country is in the balance here.

The Liberal Media Complex WILL beat us if we fail to propagate an alternative.  Not because their content is good, but because they’re good at blocking content.  Every article you share, every story you mention, and every opinion you give punches a hole in the facade of the leftist media.  And every hole make the next one bigger and easier.

Share the news,  wound the LMC, heal the country.