RE: Culture: Playlists

Switching things up on RE: Culture this week!  Today I’m going to show you guys some videos from influential YouTube Channels that you might not be aware of.  Your kids, however, will.

YouTube is quickly evolving into TV’s worst nightmare, generating high quality content for a fraction of the cost to produce even the cheapest reality TV shows.  That’s a bus we can’t afford to miss, so let’s take a look at who’s at the top of YouTube and see what we can learn from their success…

SMOSH: YouTube’s #1Channel


Stats: 2,000,000,000 views, 8,054,000 subscribers, 2 guys, one channel

Yes, you read that right.  If YouTube views were dollars, Smosh’s  Anthony Pedilla & Ian Hecox would both be billionaires.  What started as goofing off on the internet has
turned into a media empire including their own Cartoon Studio, several self published comedy albums, video games, and websites.  They’ve even started translating all of their old videos into Spanish to reach even more people!  What’s more is that they’re actually funny.  From parody music videos to absurdist skits, Smosh drinks SNL’s
milkshake at almost every level;  don’t take my word for it though, watch a few videos and tell me SNL is anywhere as funny.  You won’t be able to.

JennaMarbles: “Girls” With More Talent. And Little Dogs.

***[Warning:NSFW Language & Content]***



Stats: 1,000,000,000 views, 7,479,682 subscribers, 2 dogs, 1 irate and possibly intoxicated lady

Sigh.  JennaMarbles, the third biggest YouTube channel, is what we lost to in the last election.  She is an uninhibited Sandra Fluke with a personality.  She slices at pop culture, parodying Sarah Palin, Nicki Minaj (all twenty of them) Madonna and more, as well as delving into self-deprecating and observational humor.  And she’s relateable. Vulgar, but relatable.  You are almost guaranteed to know somebody like her and, subsequently you can at least vaguely understand what she’s getting at.  If there’s one area that our movement needs to improve on, it’s charting the terrain that Jenna Marbles (who happens to have a masters degree in psychology) has staked

SXEPhil: YouTube’s Drudge


Stats: 1,040,000,000 views, 2,424,026 subscribers, 9,001 jump cuts per episode, 1 “Philly D”

The Phillip DeFranco Show is quite possibly the future of newscasting.  In (usually) 10 minutes or less, Phil hastily runs through anywhere from 3-5 topics pulled from various news outlets and ranging the full gamut of topics, with a slight bias towards pop culture and entertainment.  That isn’t to say that he doesn’t get political.  He recently interviewed Vice President Biden on the subject of gun control, kicking it off by basically refuting that the assault weapons ban did anything to keep people safe, then continuing on to pepper the VP with a line of questioning most mainstream outlets fire reporters for.  That’s another thing we, not just as a movement, but as a nation need more of.  Phil’s opened the door; let’s try to help him out.

Alright, now you’ve seen some of what is massively successful on YouTube, how should we proceed?  The way I see it, we have two options: Option 1, We let liberals like Jenna Marbles hold all the cards while we quietly slip into obscurity; or Option 2, We loosen up, do a couple of shots and get our hands dirty in the new media battleground that is YouTube!   That means getting involved and generating content like Bail Of Rights, GoRemy and…. @SomethingFishie who has a new LIVE show on spreecast Tuesdays at 10pm eastern!  (That’s tonight, check it out!)

Yay for generating content!