RE: Culture: New Media

Hey Radicals!  Yes, I took the summer off, and no, it wasn’t intentional, just some messed up writer’s block garbage that I’m *mostly* over.  That being said, I hope to be back to full speed soon, and I hope you’ll continue to bear with me through my “recovery process”.

Anyway, on to the article!

….Er, just not to THIS article.  Instead, I want to take a second to quote something from my first RE:Culture, which I reread going into the writing of this piece.

Instead, we have The O’Reilly Factor and Piers Morgan and Hardball with Chris Matthews, all of which are far more interested in aggrandizing their respective hosts than actually getting down to business and engaging in real discussion. TV hosts these days can just dismiss their guests offhand and rant over them; meanwhile said guests wait for their books/movies/columns to be pimped, checking their bank accounts from their smartphones whilst being drowned out by the faux-pugilist host’s bumptious dictations. But hey, at least they have good excuses for not arguing intently, namely money and return visits.My question to you is: what’s OUR excuse?-Me, RE:Culture:Incentives

Ahh, memories.

Well, memories, combined with a continued distaste for those windbags of prime time.  But my annoyance with these blowhards, particularly the ones on my side, isn’t that I can’t stand the monotonous dogmatic lameness that they spew; it’s that their behavior drives my generation ( And younger. >.< #GettingUpThere) away from
trying to understand current events.

That’s pretty distressing, given the sheer magnitude of the issues of the day, and the fact that those same people are quickly becoming the defining demographic of our electorate.  We NEED to address my peers; and, as much as I respect and am thankful for the work of people like Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and even Sean Hannity,  they just aren’t the right men for the job.

Greg Gutfeld is closer, but even though I’m a huge fan of his, I still think he falls short. [Yeah, I went there.]

What my generation needs is political rehab.  A way to be informed of the news without being immediately subjected to the constant skull-meet-brick-wall, derisive caricaturing of meaningful discussion that currently passes for TV news.

Oh, and it would be helpful if you kept it light and humorous too.  We enjoy being entertained.

Shame nothing like that exists.

*cough* You can click play whenever you feel like it.

Radicals, SourceFed.  SourceFed, Radicals.

Now that everybody has met, I have some quick Luntzing to do:

1. Which party did the hosts blame for the government shut down?

2. What political figure(s) did the hosts suck up to?

3. How many times did the hosts try to sway you to their side by using ad hominem attacks on their ideological opponents?

The correct answer to all three of those questions is none.  No blame, no excuses, no pandering.  Just the facts of the story presented in a lighthearted and fun manner, and all under three minutes.

Which leads me to question four.

4. Are you impressed yet?

Well, that WAS only one video, I suppose it’s possible that maybe they thought the subject was too boring and just decided to go for comedy without the outrage.

If only they did a video on a more divisive topic, like, say, abortion.  Yeah, that would REALLY show us their true colors!

(Yeah, I know, it’s pretty obvious where I’m going here. Just stick with this next video ’til the end, I promise it’s worth it!)

….What the hell was that?  Di- Did that dude just give a cogent, caring, pro-life, pro-family speech….on the Internet….in less than two minutes…. to a demographic that starts off younger than the Daily Show’s?

Why yes, yes he did.

Honestly, after that video, I don’t even think you guys need much more information to realize how many different kinds of awesome SourceFed’s existence is for our cause.

I mean, it’s been one of our core beliefs for years that “if it wasn’t for the corrupt liberal media, our ideas would win.”  I still believe that to be true, and given the success of SourceFed (And of Philip DeFranco) I am highly optimistic of our chances going forward.

Of course, relying solely on SourceFed to educate people isn’t going to cut it.  We also need to adapt their ideas and strategies and incorporate them into our hearty conservative stew.  You can see a little bit of it in Julie Borowski’s videos, which, while definitely being geared more towards addressing the conservative base, are also making great strides in the right direction.

However, until we really sink our teeth into this new news territory and figure out how to get to their level of culture/content mixing prowess, I believe our best course of action is to go over to, hit the subscribe button and share like crazy.

Of course, it helps that they crank out gems like this.