RE: Culture: Lying, Cheating & Educating

Ahhhhhhhhh…. Welcome back Radicals, I hope you all had a happy Easter or Passover or Cesar Chavez Remembrance Day, I know I did!  Speaking of Easter, just a quick update on my Lent score:
this year I made it through Lent with only 9(!!!) slip ups, most of
which came very early in the season.  That is a new personal best
for me, so I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the support I’ve
gotten from you guys this season,  Thanks!  Now that I got
that out of the way, on to the train wreck.

There are few topics that rile me more than the categorically
dysfunctional state of Education in America, and the past week or so has
been rife with stories of its malfeasance, so today I want to discuss
my disgust.  I am perturbed, not just by how bad the situation is,
but also because it hits me where I live.  My mother is a veteran
teacher who has spent the better part of three decades educating
children and parents, as well as other teachers, in some of the
country’s most challenging school districts; most notably Port Elizabeth
& Newark (Yes, THAT Newark) New Jersey.  She knows her stuff,
and loves her job more than Chris Christie loves bacon-wrapped cannoli.

I don’t. (Love teaching that is, it’s impossible to not like bacon-wrapped cannoli)

Well, I suppose that’s an an inaccurate statement, seeing as how I
love learning and helping others learn almost as much as she does.
I have even done some teaching myself, though in an entirely
different environment; educating someone on how to repeatedly kill a
certain foe over and over again to obtain its loot in a video game
(“farming”) is not too different from trying to show a child how sound
out and “decode” a word on a page.  I, however, don’t get paid by
the government to teach my friends how to complete missions or dungeons,
nor is there a “Dungeon Survival Teachers Union” set up to steal a
percentage of the loot I accrue in the process.  Those things
aside, there are many more similarities between my mom’s teaching
environment and my own than there are differences.

Case in point: We both have bloated, slobbering, venomous, and disgusting zombies to contend with.



Decide for yourself which is more horrifying.

Karen Lewis is still not fired.  The  Chicago Teachers Union President is back,
bless her heart.  And this time, this time she’s advocating that
teachers lie to a child’s parents and make them think their child is an
angel so as to make the child a “hostage.”  Chicago has been doing
crime for a long time, but not as long as those of us in New Jersey;
this gentlewoman has her offenses confused.  This is not “hostage”
taking, this is extortion; similar but different.  I find it ironic
that she wouldn’t use the correct term, seeing as how the Chicago
Teachers Union has a storied history of extorting
not just minors, but taxpayers as well.  It’s not just her
terminology that’s wrong either; her “tactic” is incredibly flawed as
well.  Kids aren’t stupid; they can understand why it would be
advantageous for a teacher to lie to their parents, and that lie, plus
any subsequent lies, generate a weakness that can then be exploited
heavily by the child.  But Karen doesn’t care, she’s just showing
off to her adoring fans, some of whom were  likely at her latest
fling: a march to protest against the Rahm Emanuel backed closing of 54 schools to try and patch up a 1 billion dollar budget shortfall; a
decision that has our buddy Karen Lewis crying racism in a very
interesting Lib-on-Lib conflict.  This story is far from over and
beyond fascinating.  @RebelPundit and EAGnews have been doing kick-ass work on the subject, so please go subscribe to their You Tube channel and bookmark their site!

Did you do it?  I’m waiting until you have….

Okay, good.  Actually, not so good, since continuing means
talking about another story that makes me want to bludgeon myself to
death: the Atlanta Cheating Scandal….

I don’t have good words for how I feel about this, I barely have
adequate BAD words for how I feel about it, but I’m going to try to talk
about it all the same.  Dr. Beverly Hall, former Atlanta
Superintendent, current alleged villain, is, if found guilty, a
monstrously evil person.  Now, it’s not alleged that she murdered
anyone, or was a pedophile or anything horrific like that; but she did,
it seems, commit crimes against thousands of children that will likely
never be resolved.  She prevented them from failing, and that is a
tragedy.  You see, failure is great – failure means that you’re
learning what not to do and progressing forward with your life.
Failure gives you an incentive to NOT fail, an incentive that is
often more powerful than the incentive to succeed.  Tragically, the
kids in those Atlanta schools have been deprived of that experience,
instead believing that they just naturally knew things and could coast
into higher education.  It’s a pretty rude awakening to discover
that you weren’t as smart as your test scores said you were.  But
that’s not the same as failing; no, because you can’t take
responsibility for it, you didn’t cheat your way to your predicament,
somebody else did that TO you.  And this abomination went on for
years before a soul was brave enough to do something about it.  I
just don’t get it; how is it that 35 people could get so corrupted, so
debauched in a line of work that might be the most human and humane of

And that’s why I hate Education.

Because it is no longer a passion, a calling, something to aspire to.
It is instead a foul, subsidized, leftist agitprop weapon.
Education is on the brink of losing its meaning, like Liberalism
before it, to fringe left-wingers who seek to destroy it.  They
loathe true education because it isn’t something that can just be given
out like food stamps; it’s something that has to be worked for, earned,
and reflects how much effort went into it.  That’s anathema to
progressives, who seek for everyone to sink to the same level of
mediocrity.  And that’s what the next generation of “teachers” is
learning in college today: how to inspire kids to be merely okay.

And we as a nation cannot afford that.

Now that I’ve painted this picture of doom and gloom, I do not intend to send you off without some bit of hope.

As I said before, the liberals have subsidized education as an industry,
that means it’s pretty cheap to become a teacher these days.

So why not do it?

Suffering through the short-term bullshit of Marxist professors is a
pittance in exchange for a real chance to take back a piece of the
culture by using the libs’ own weapon against them.  Teaching is
also a great job to retire to, even if that means just becoming a
substitute teacher; any influence you can spread is twice as impactful
as what the left hammers into our kids because you have the chance to
offer a different opinion, a new side to the story that would otherwise
go unheard.

Transfuse the Educational system with the blood of freedom and responsibility, and our fight might not continue to be uphill.