RE: Culture: Incentives


To paraphrase Kanye West, American culture is the greatest culture of all time! However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved, or diminished. Our culture is important. It helps define us as we refine it; it is mutable but also resilient. We lose and gain new bits and pieces, whether for good or ill, every second of every day. This blog, Re:Culture, is my attempt to talk about and point out what I think is good or bad about particular segments of our culture, and to ask questions about who we are as Americans and who we WANT to be. Or, you know, whatever the hell I feel like talking about. That works too. Go JETS!


I’m a fan of YouTube. It allows me to see a lot of stuff that I was either too young to appreciate, or not around for at all. I’m only 23 after all, and there’s been around 80 years’ worth of television I’ve missed, a ton of which is missing from TV today. On TV today I don’t get to see “Firing Line” with William F. Buckley Jr., I don’t get to see Ayn Rand on Donahue. I don’t even get to see stuff like Politically Incorrect hosted by a more than semi-cogent Bill Maher with a panel of famous but regular people ( And Christopher Hitchens) whose opinions are diverse and who are allowed to reach the kind of frank discussion that I have not seen outside of, well, anywhere really.

Instead, we have The O’Reilly Factor and Piers Morgan and Hardball with Chris Matthews, all of which are far more interested in aggrandizing their respective hosts than actually getting down to business and engaging in real discussion. TV hosts these days can just dismiss their guests offhand and rant over them; meanwhile said guests wait for their books/movies/columns to be pimped, checking their bank accounts from their smartphones whilst being drowned out by the faux-pugilist host’s bumptious dictations. But hey, at least they have good excuses for not arguing intently, namely money and return visits.

My question to you is: what’s OUR excuse?