RE: Culture: CPAC 2014- Now Taking Suggestions!

Well Radicals, here we are again.  In a little under a week FRN will be taking CPAC2014 by storm!

Also by train.

And plane.

And probably shuttle-bus.

But regardless of the particular means of transport, Free Radical Network will be there in force!  CPAC vets Something Fishie, Pdog, Sandra, Krayon Pundit, and myself will be joined by our great friend, Canadian, and first time CPAC-goer Prue as we try our very best to gather information, network, and report from the convention floor!

Which is why I’m writing this article.

This will be my third trip down to CPAC. As such, I think I’ve
finally got a pretty good strategy pegged for navigating my way through
the three day convention.  That experience should allow me a little
more freedom to do more important things than, say, sit in a crowded
main hall listening to Donald Trump blather on about whatever it is that
Donald Trump likes to blather on about.

Yes, instead of live-tweeting an over-the-shoulder view of the MMFA
guys live-tweeting during Trump’s wind-bagging, I intend to get you
guys a window into the stuff that ACTUALLY matters at CPAC:  The
booths, the break-out panels, and the people who wouldn’t otherwise get
filmed and uploaded to YouTube.  It is in that spirit that I have
pledged to get at the very least a full length (15
second) instagram video of every booth in the exhibition hall,
including, hopefully, a brief chat with the person manning the booth.

The only trouble with that plan?  There are going to be around 120 booths…

That’s where you guys come in.  Rather than wasting precious
time talking at length with the Association For Keeping The Republican
Party Old and White, I want to focus on booths that you guys
want to know more about.  Of course there are going to be a few
that you won’t really have a say in, as you’d need a brute squad to keep
me away from the Crony Chronicles booth, for instance.  But other than that, CCATDP, and MPAA’s booths, I’m very open to suggestions.

In fact, I’m pretty much begging you guys to tell me where you want
my attention to be focused and what booths I should spend more time on!

To facilitate that process, here’s the link to a handy diagram of the exhibition hall floor.

Now for part two of the CPAC 2014 reader interaction extravaganza: The Panels.

It is particularly irksome to me that this is the situation we find
ourselves in, but oh well. Every year at CPAC there are a multitude of
panel discussions on tons of different subjects… However, quite a few of
them are  scheduled concurrently.


This wouldn’t be a problem IF THE PANELS WERE ALL FILMED, however, unfortunately, they are not.

But that’s fine, at least I get to choose a panel and go watch it!

But to those of you who are watching the streamed events
online?  Not so much.  That’s why, in addition to filming
quick little videos at the booths, I will also be filming a few of the
panels, at least during the first two days. (Sorry guys, travel
arrangements are gonna limit my day 3 activities :/)

Now for the menus!

Main Stage Panels Day 1:

· Does the U.S. Congress Matter Anymore?  Executive Orders AND the Hopelessness of EVER Curtailing Federal Spending

· Healthcare After ObamaCare:  A Practical Guide for Living When
No One Has Insurance and America Runs Out of Doctors (Part 1)

· The American Dream vs. the Obama Nightmare:  Income Inequality

· When the Fed Stops Buying and the Mint Stops Printing:  Rebuilding the American Economy After a Real Crash

Breakout Panels Day 1:

· Is Common Core Rotten to the Core?

· Can There be Meaningful Immigration Reform Without Citizenship?

· Reaching Out:  The Rest of the Story

· What Should be America’s Place in the World in 2017…After Obama?

· What’s the Deal with Global Warming?

· Rocky Mountain High:  Does Legalized Pot Mean Society’s Going Up In Smoke?

Main Stage Panels Day 2:

· The Death of American Privacy:  Does it Matter if the Government Records Every Phone Call, E-mail and Text You Send?

· Not All Quiet on the Western Front:  Conservatives Are Alive in Hollywood!

· Obama’s IRS:  Political Arm of the Left?

· Can Libertarians and Social Conservatives Ever Get Along?

· Criminal Justice Reform

Breakout Panels Day 2:

· And Entrepreneurship Shall Set You Free:  How to Celebrate Free Market Capitalism in the Popular Culture

· Social Media 3.0:  The Next Revolution Will Start on Your Phone (Let’s Hope Conservatives Don’t Miss It)

· After Obama, Day 1:  What Are the Big Alternative Ideas Conservatives Should Present as Obama’s Term Ends?

· Can America Survive Obama’s War on Fossil Fuel?

· Conservative Journalism:  From Benghazi to the IRS – a Layman’s Guide to Covering “Phony Scandals” New Media Style

Quite a bounty of interesting stuff, eh?  I can tell you right
off the bat that I’ll definitely be in the room and filming for both the
“Can Libertarians and Social Conservatives Ever Get Along?” and
“Criminal Justice Reform” panels, but anything other than those is up
for consideration…. Which again means it’s up to y’all. 

Not everyone gets to go to these conventions, heaven knows they are
expensive as all get out to go to, let alone stay for.  (And
getting IN to them ain’t exactly cheap either…)  Which is why I
REALLY want to let you guys take the reigns.  I’ve had an awesome
time these past two years getting to adventure, explore, and hang out
with some of the most awesome people I know, that I’m legitimately
bummed out that there are so many of you guys who miss out on the
conservative Con scene.

So please, combat that suckage.  Comment, tweet, facebook, G+,
or candygram me your CPAC2014 requests, and I’ll do my best to get them

Thanks ahead of time Radicals!