RE: Culture: Clowns

Hey Radicals, remember me?  I used to write
on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week… then my productivity took an
arrow to the knee.

[Is it okay to use that reference if I didn’t play that game?] {Also, what is this, 2011?}

But seriously, I’m really sorry about how infrequent and erratic my
writing has been recently; I just seem to keep falling into the “type a
paragraph, delete it, stare at blank screen, repeat” loop.  I can’t
explain it.  I’m not out of opinions or things to write about, so I
am altogether unsure of the cause of my insufferable writer’s block.
Eh, I suppose it HAS only been 5 months since I started seriously
writing, so I’m going to chalk it up to inexperience and hope it
resolves itself soon…

Anyway, now that I’m through recounting what’s been going on with my writing, let’s talk about “The Daily Show”.

I’m not proud to admit this, but there was a time in my life where I
actually thought Jon Stewart and The Daily Show were the pinnacle of
journalistic achievement.  From 2007 to 2008, I could not get
enough of the “fair” and “non-partisan” information that Jon Stewart
worked tirelessly to assemble for my generation.  I watched every
night.  I applauded his pluck and willingness to make fun of all of
the bad politicians and bring to light the stupid things they said.
I scoffed at the 24 hour news channels and their dogmatic agendas.
I laughed at all the hilarious clips of our dumb southerner
president who had wrecked our economy, infringed on our liberty, and was incapable of pronouncing nu-cle-ar like a normal person.

I was not a liberal though.  Actually, if anything, I was MORE of a Republican than I am now.  There was just something about the way Jon presented the news that made me buy in…..until a few of my MMO-RPG buddies pointed out to me how full of crap the pint-sized pinko propagandist was.

I had known going in to watching The Daily Show that it was a
left-leaning program.  I was fine with that.  I mean, if you can’t laugh at your side, you shouldn’t laugh at all, right?  What I didn’t know or notice, what my friends had to make me aware of, was TDS’s uncanny “cocooning” of any and all liberal foibles, while simultaneously hammering conservatives for the same issues.  They challenged me to find an example of TDS lambasting a liberal moron the same way they’d lambaste a conservative moron, or to cover a liberal scandal as fervently as a conservative scandal.  They told me it couldn’t be done.

Of course, being the obstinate guy I am, I was sure that I’d be provided with ample evidence within a week.

Or two weeks.

Or three…

I’ve watched “The Daily Show” for almost 6 years now, 6
scandal-ridden years!  And STILL I have been thwarted from
obtaining my quarry.

But not THIS week!  This week I have been ASSURED by sources like Mediaite & The Week(?) and even Breitbart & Newsbusters, that an “angry” Jon Stewart  laid the smack-down on Obama with extreme prejudice.

Let’s watch!

…..That’s it?

THAT’S the slam-dunk uber-burn curb-stomping?!!?!  He spent half
of the freaking clip MAKING FUN OF THE TEA PARTY!!!  This was just a textbook case of Jon Stewart clown-nose-on distraction japery!!!!  Hell, if you listen to the clip, his main issue wasn’t that there was a serious wrongdoing and breach of trust; his problem was that these scandals validate those who are skeptical of “beneficial”  big government!  In other words, he’s pissed that the Tea Party, the Republicans, the people he’s worked SO HARD for SO LONG to utterly discredit, have instantly become credible.  That wasn’t an act of good faith from Stewart, a show of righteous indignation to obvious ills; no, that anger came from the frustration of seeing his hard work get zeroed out because some overreaching thugs got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

And so yes, it’s accurate to say that Jon Stewart is angry with Obama.

But it’s not because Jon’s finally become just.

It’s just that, because of Obama, Jon now has to try to marginalize a
publicly oppressed (yes, OPPRESSED) group of people in order to
validate HIS cause.

And I think that he’s not sure that he can.