RE: Culture: A Pirate’s Life…


Today’s RE: Culture is not about Napster or Limewire or even The
Pirate Bay. In fact, it has little to do with piracy at all. No, what
I’m writing about today is Privateering, just not for the government.

Adam Carolla is kind of a superhero. Last Friday, Adam unleashed broadside after broadside targeting HuffPo
for a headline that indicated he had injected race into a discussion he
had with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsome, when in fact the opposite
was true. But that’s not why I brought up Adam Carolla. That story has
been covered by pretty much everyone out there, so if you’re
interested,  just google it and pick your favorite midsize blog’s
coverage. I brought the story up for what AC says regarding his “Pirate
Ship” (Yes, it’s vulgar, but it’s also awesome.)

“So let me tell you something — I got something called a pirate ship, Huffington Post, I don’t give a fuck about you and your fucking opinions.”“And if I was on Radio and I was on TV I’d have to apologize, I’d have a program director in here right now getting me to apologize- For what? Telling the truth? For telling a politician to do their fuckin’ job?”“I have built a Pirate Ship. I know you guys would love to get a fucking boycott going- Go ahead pussies, get your boycott going! I OWN the fucking building!”

“You can’t do shit! See, you notice, if I was on Radio, they’d be going to CBS- We DEMAND he apologize!- Oh, If I was on Comedy Central, they’d go to Comedy Central- We DEMAND he apologize!- No one DEMANDS I apologize, but go ahead and try anyway pussies! Have fun!”

“I built the Pirate Ship for a reason, so that I could speak my mind/the truth and not have to worry about fake apologies, back-pedaling and being shut down, shit-canned and threatened out of existence, by people who are trying to essentially make sure a group goes extinct.”

“But you don’t want to do anything and I understand why. Because you’re scared, and the reason that you’re scared, is that you have a job! You speak up and you work for The Huffington Post, you’re fucking fired! You don’t have a Pirate Ship. I have a Pirate Ship and I get to say whatever the fuck I want. And I just said it.”

Adam Carolla has a Pirate Ship. It’s a huge one too, with a large
crew and a booming voice- but it doesn’t even come close to the Jolly
Roger’d Destroyer that is The Drudge Report.  Breitbart, The Daily
Caller, The Blaze; they’re all pirate ships in the armada against a
corrupt media, and while they are competitors, they’re still on the same
team, something very important to keep in mind.

Red Eye, while not a true pirate ship, is about as close to a mainstream privateer vessel as it gets.

But it isn’t just high profile blogs (for a good reason) and famous people who get to patrol the seas of the internet.

WE also have pirate ships!

For me, I chose to join in with an awesome crew of co-bloggers and
internet show hosts, and I try in some small way to help in the fight
against totalitarianism, oppressive government and the Liberal Media
Complex by writing articles every week.  Others turn to YouTube or Spreecast or BlogTalk Radio to generate content and resupply our burgeoning fleet with informational ammunition.

Heck, the barriers for entry into our ranks are so few,  if you’re reading this article on the internet, you have access to your own, personal pirate ship ready to sail at your leisure.

So why haven’t you?

All you need to do is chart a course and hoist sails.

Here’s to looting old media!

Cya (At CPAC!)