“On The Line” 9 – The GOP’s “GAY Problem”

Oh, boy, friends, this show had me nearly losing it.  This week I invited Chris Busby, a local Republican activist and VP of the Houston Log Cabin Republicans, to tell us his recent experience with the Vacancy Committee of the local Republican party.

If you haven’t kept track, I live in Harris County, where Houston is.  And this county has gone blue the last 3 election cycles.  I’m not happy about that.  And so when an OVERqualified Republican activist wanted to officially become part of party leadership by seeking to fill a vacant precinct chair slot, the Vacancy Committee put him through the wringer BECAUSE he was GAY.  This in a county where over half of the precincts have no chair for the Republicans, but most have a Democrat chair.  But hey, we gotta turn away this guy because he’s part of the GAY MENACE.  And thus is a pedophile, or something.


You can read the original story at Big Jolly, and Chris’s follow up in his own words, and the Open Questions for the HCRP Vacancy Committee from Rhymes With Right prompted by this epidsode.  These are not the actions of a party that wants to win.  These are the actions of a party interested in protecting leadership positions, even if facing continuing losses.  These are the actions of a party that is wholly ill equipped to win elections.  And as I mention in the show, go look at these two websites – compare them and tell me who has organization and momentum in this county.

Harris County Democrats

Harris County Republicans

I’m not taking this sitting down.  If this is happening in my county, I am sure it’s happening elsewhere in the country.  And I’m already hearing that Hispanics and young voters are being treated in similar ways here.  Is it any wonder Barack Obama won reelection?

Priorities, folks.  Time to make sure Republican leadership has them.  Or is replaced with people who DO.

If I weren’t already a RADICAL, this would certainly make one out of me.  See my entire interview with Chris Busby here: