“On The Line” 7 – Stacy Mott of Smart Girl Politics

If you missed Episode 7 of On The Line, you missed a LOT.  Stacy Mottof Smart Girl Politic joined us to talk about where SGP came from, what Smart Girls are up to these days, and where they’ll be going in the future.  Plus, Stacy teased the upcoming FIFTH Smart Girl Summit happening this August 9-10 in Indianapolis!  Thanks so much to Stacy for dropping by and getting us all motivated, and thanks to the chatters who make for a great discussion every week!

And guys, you should pay attention, too.  What Smart Girl doesn’t like Smart Guys?  (As opposed to Wiseguys…)

Find out everything about Smart Girl Politics at these links:


Smart Girl Politics Website

Smart Girl Politics Twitter

Smart Girl Politics Facebook

Smart Girl Summit


And just in case you DID miss the show, here it is, migraine, t-shirt, sickie blanket and all!