Obama Hates Black Babies, So Give Me Money

There’s no question that we’re living in the time of media malpractice.  We often criticize the mainstream media for telling half the story, or in some cases, not telling the story at all.  Just take Benghazi, for instance.  There are so many details that we have yet to learn, over six months later.  Journalists are without a doubt giving the administration a pass on many of the questions that they should be asking.  So who is left to ask those questions?  We are.  The bloggers, the New Media that Andrew Breitbart counseled us to become.  Breitbart advised us to hold up our cell phones and start taking video of things the mainstream media wouldn’t cover.  He urged us to combat their lies and omissions, to tell the truth and shame them in the process.

That’s a pretty big responsibility.  With it comes the burden to get the story right.  If we catch poorly-analyzed data, or skewed poll results, or a mischaracterization of a story with an opposing (yet sensational) headline; then we must do our best to refute them, and set the record straight.

But another responsibility we have is to read more than just a headline to a piece.  If we encounter a sensationalist headline, instead of blindly passing it on, we need to make sure the story delivers what the headline promises.  It’s easy to get caught up in a headline that shocks, and pass it along simply because it fits our point of view, or buttresses something we believe.  Similarly, we need to dig deeper into stories reporting some apparent breach of rights or egregious offense against life or liberty.  It never helps our cause to breathlessly and thoughtlessly promote articles that exaggerate and mischaracterize an issue.

Which brings me to this piece by Kevin Jackson.  The headline screams “Black Babies Cost Less Than Monkeys?”  That’s a huge warning sign.  Then his leading paragraph carries it further:

It turns out that black babies are cheaper than monkeys. Don’t believe me, just read this report by Reuters. This is why black babies are being used as lab rats to test a bio-weapons grade anthrax vaccine. In the time of a black president {ahem}, a presidential ethics panel (you read that right) is the panel who concluded that black babies could be used for the testing.

So I’m immediately looking for proof that someone is buying black babies and sticking them in cages and testing Anthrax vaccines on them.  I mean, isn’t that what’s implied?  He goes on in the next paragraph to state that Democrats and Progressives are purposefully testing the vaccine on black babies because they are cheaper than monkeys, then calls them typical racists.  He follows that by decrying the NAACP and the president for not speaking out against this practice.

But there’s a little problem with Kevin’s piece.

Kevin cites only one source – a Reuters piece about the way a presidential ethics panel is handling the question.  But the problem is that the cited piece reads nothing like Kevin’s hyperbolic rant.  Even a mere cursory reading of the piece reveals:

  • The Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues created a report recommending how such a study could be done
  • No children are currently being studied, tested, or vaccinated against Anthrax
  • The Commission recommended a study regimen that started with testing 18-year-olds, then gradually working down to younger children as the older ones were evaluated
  • The article makes no mention of race

So why would Kevin Jackson write this piece hyperventilating about black babies being cheaper than lab monkeys?  The answer may lie in the last paragraph:

I am looking for 1000 people to donate $20 a month for the next two years, so we can get stories like this out in the black community with continual radio blasts.

Oh.  A fundraising pitch.  Now it all starts to make sense.  Kevin needs a quarter of a million dollars to write more stories like this.  And put them on the radio.

And it’s so frustrating, because there’s ample evidence that black babies ARE being killed in disproportionately large numbers (compared to their percentage of the population) RIGHT NOW in abortion clinics across the country.

At least some commenters on his article were appropriately skeptical:

I don’t see anything about black babies……..

If this is the general nature of your work, it seems you’ve made a career propagating lies. Where in this article does it mention the race of children? I suppose you will do anything for publicity. For shame.

But how many people read the headline and just passed it on?  And how many read the piece, then shared it without checking the source he cited?  Kevin might even think he’s helping the cause here, but this is exactly what we accuse the mainstream media and the left blogosphere of doing.  Why would we accept the same behavior and tactics from someone purportedly on our side?

The fix here is to be skeptical and vigilant when considering what to share, and calling out the offenders who do engage in this kind of pseudo-journalism.  We’re already held to a higher standard.  Blatant, gross mischaracterization of a serious subject – testing vaccines on ANY children – only hurts those of us seriously seeking the truth.