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Now Playing…. The Right!

I have decided to write this because it needs to be said. Keep in mind most of it pure conjecture on my part, but I do believe most of it is true. Hell, it’s how I would play this if I was the one doing the playing!

Lets take a trip down memory lane. In August of 2012, the photo of President Obama shooting a gun was supposedly taken. President Obama was looking at an election battle that could get ugly. His poll numbers showed the election was neck and neck. What better way to sway a few voters than to have pictures of the President doing amazing things? So, at Camp David, why not have him take a few shots with a gun, and catch it in some photos? Our President is now gun friendly! It would be a great photo, and would be ready just in case they might need it during the general election. It’s not like they don’t use every photo they can to push their narrative.



The election came, and they didn’t need to use the skeet-shooting photo. But why let a good disaste….. I mean photo go to waste? Fast forward to a few weeks ago. The have a massacre with children, and they start their attempt to dismantle the second amendment. Someone remembers they have this photo and never used it. So, why not have our empty suit our President drop the idea that he goes skeet shooting in an interview with a magazine that is very White House friendly. Then they let the Right do what it does best: insert their foot into their mouth.

And what happened first? People started calling it BS, or they started demanding photo proof. Opening mouth now. For a week, several people doctored photos, made silly jokes, and even challenged Obama to go skeet shooting. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was even asked if there was a photo, to which he said he didn’t know. Come on Jay, you know everything your boss does, and you know if there was a photo of him shooting anything. If you didn’t, then you need to be fired. But the Right kept banging away at it. Team Obama must have been laughing their asses off.

So they let this story play out with full knowledge that they had this photo. They let the Right, once again, look like the Keystone Cops. The Right does a great job taking plenty of rope to hang themselves.

Now we get to Friday’s news drop. The White House releases this photo into the press and also comment that people shouldn’t Photoshop the President. This statement gets people to Photoshop the President in all kinds of ways from shooting Big Bird, shooting Founding Fathers, and many other ways (some of these are humorous and some are just plain sick). There are also people pushing the story that the photo couldn’t have been taken it the day in question because he was golfing, and the time stamp on the story doesn’t match up. If you actually read the story you will see that the timeline is in perfect order. They wouldn’t drop the ball on something so simple as not making sure that the timeline doesn’t work. They are socialist, not stupid.

It looks like they got what they wanted. “The Right are racist, lying, bullies that pick on our poor, poor President.”

So… keep sending those Photoshopped photos and pushing those false theories, because that’s exactly what they want you to do.