aha moment

My ‘AHA! Moment’

As I have been following the news the last few weeks, I have become depressed and have been losing my faith in humanity. I see stories like Bruce Jenner, Rachel Dolezal, and what is going on with our college campuses. I can’t help but see that our society has become completely unhinged from reality. Male is female, white is black, good is evil, evil is good, war is peace and now, thanks to common core math, 2+2=5.

Yesterday, while I was particularly despondent, I thought about all of the gains that Republicans have made in governorships since 2008, as well as the Republican takeover of the House and Senate. I thought about how far Obama’s poll numbers have dropped, as well as how quickly Hillary’s are dropping as well. I thought about how with each anemic jobs report, support for Democratic tax-and-spend policies is decreasing. As I thought about all of this I had my AHA moment. Guys, we are winning! All the hard work that we are putting in is working! People are tasting the fruits of Progressive governance and they don’t like it.

Every time the citizens begin to wake up and realize how bad Progressive policies are, progressives begin to change the language in a last-ditch attempt to deflect blame to something other than themselves. In the early 20th century they went by the name Progressives. After Woodrow Wilson did so much damage, the people elected a Republican and the Progressives had to change the language and go underground. At that point they stole the word “liberal” and changed it from meaning one who supports small government and individual freedom to one who relies on the government for all of their needs. Once the citizens had let their guard down, FDR stepped in as a “liberal”. After his Progressive policies succeeded in extending the Great Depression by as much as seven years they had to go underground again.

This is what we are going through with all of the doublespeak that is happening in our culture right now. This is the last-ditch effort of the Progressives to take the focus off of their failures and redirect it somewhere else so they can avoid the blame for all the trouble they have caused. They are following the example of the Roman Emperors by keeping the citizens distracted with games and entertainment.

There is a point to all these ramblings and stories, and that point is this: We are winning! We are doing a great job! We need to keep the pressure on, but we also need to learn to adapt our tactics or the victory will once again be short lived. We will not get the restoration that we want until we have either discredited the old Socialist/Communist/Progressive policies and tactics enough so that no amount of distractions, name changes or whitewashing will fool Americans; or we have educated and enlightened Americans enough that they know the truth in their hearts so they can’t be led astray.

In this vein I am going to try to change my focus and approach. People usually don’t like the angry person that only complains how bad the other side is. It is human nature to want to be on the side where people are friendly, smiling, and most importantly, they have cookies. My new focus is going to be on 3 main areas.

1) I am going to focus on studying and teaching lessons from history. Why was the recovery after the crash of 1920 so much quicker than the crash of 1929? What type of economic system has brought the standard of living up the most for the most people and why? Which types of welfare have worked and which haven’t worked? These are all questions that history has answers to, and we need to study and then apply the lessons of the past to solve our current problems.

2) I am going to focus on teaching tactics. When a person enters a conversation already negative or upset because they know you are a conservative, how do you diffuse the situation quickly and find common ground? How can we start conversations about politics or current events with our apolitical friends and family? Can I have a meaningful conversation with a person next to me at the gym or in line at the supermarket? How can I better show my beliefs by my example? These are the types of questions that I will attempt to answer in my focus on teaching.

3) I want to focus on the good in the world. I think that we can build large coalitions of people from all across the political spectrum that will effect great changes if we do it right. I am going to focus on examples of love, service, family, hard work, honesty, innovation, invention and beauty. I have created a community on Google+ with the intention of compiling and sharing these types of stories. Instead of turning the next great invention into a political debate on who should be in charge of regulations, how much taxes the company should pay, the political leanings of the inventor or some other silly argument; I want to turn the focus onto how great this invention could be in helping mankind. How many people can this touch? How can I share this to everyone I know to spread the word? I think that most people are far closer politically than we realize, but we keep getting hung up on words, labels, and small differences. I want to focus on the things we have in common and the things that we can work together on. I think in doing this we will break down walls and be able to more effectively work with our fellow citizens to bring about the change for good that we want to see in the world.
I don’t expect everyone to change their tactics and join me in my new direction. As I mentioned previously, we are winning. We have made a lot of progress, but we still have a long way to go to get where we want to be. My hope is that everyone who reads this post will take a look inside themselves and think about whether what they are doing is really being effective, or if they could use a course correction.