More Than A Wife

I recently joined an organization and we were trying to define our leadership roles and titles associated with said roles.  One of the suggested titles for me was “wife of…”  OUCH.  The femmi-nazi in me instantaneously saw red and wanted to rip this guy a new one.  I wanted to DESTROY this person.  But I can’t and I won’t.  This man is a good man, and for one second in time, he made a comment not realizing how I could be offended by it.

I am Larry’s wife.  I am proud to be his wife, his partner, his friend, his confidant, his everything.  I will stand by him in good times and bad.  I will defend him when necessary.  He is my everything and I am his, but being his wife does NOT define me.  I am so much more than just a wife.

I work full time as a Medical Laboratory Technologist.  Everyday, through science, I help save people’s lives.  My work helps people regulate medication.  My work helps the doctors and nurse determine what is happening inside a person’s body so they can give the proper medications to heal the patient.  My work helps diagnose things like anemia, hepatitis, influenza and cancer.  I am so much more than just a Medical Laboratory Technologist.

I am an artist.  I write this article in my office, also known as “the craft room.”  I make scrapbooks for myself, my family and friends so precious memories can be preserved and shared.  I use an easel to try and paint pictures.  Although I am not very talented at it, I have found putting paint on canvas can be so therapeutic.  I also write articles, poetry and essays.  I am so much more than just an artist.

I am part of a family.  I am a daughter, a sister and a beloved auntie.  I would die for these crazy people that are my family.  While my parents were still living, I was still their baby.  To my siblings, I am not only their sister, I am their beloved friend.  To my nieces and nephews, I am Auntie Nelda, the alpha and the omega of aunts.  They are my kids and to them I am more than an aunt.  I would rather spend time with them than their parents.  I have always made certain they know how I feel, and in return they confide in me and know that I am a nonjudgmental voice of reason for them.  I am more than just part of a family.

I am an American.  The older I get, the more patriotic I become.  I love this country and want nothing more that for it to be a strong example of what other counties wish they could become.  There are so many advantages in being an American, and yet so many are not thankful.  Although I don’t agree with the many of their political opinions, I deeply respect the offices of the President, Vice President, Congress, House of Representatives as well as so many of the State and local government offices.  As Americans, I think we forget what people give up by serving their country.   I am more than just an American.

I am a feminist.  I believe that in so many ways, women are the stronger sex.  I believe that a woman can be just as, if not more, successful than a man.  I believe that the only thing stopping a woman is herself.  Don’t confuse me with the men-hating feminists.  I don’t hate men or think they should be degraded.  Like women, like anyone, they have their advantages and disadvantages; their strengths and their weaknesses.  I chose to marry a man.  I rely on many men in my life, but I rely on women as well.  But as a feminist, I rely on myself the most.  My life is not and will never be the stereotypical 1950’s wife.  I work, and being semi-retired my husband typically tends the house.  I am a strong and independent woman and get infuriated when anyone does not have the self-esteem to be themselves on their own.  I am more than just a feminist.

I don’t fit in a pretty little box that society says I should.  I don’t know that anyone really does.  There is simply not one word that can describe any one person.  When you label someone, it contains them to the box that society interprets for that specific label.  For example you can be gay and a Republican, an atheist and a conservative; and there are plenty of desserts that are in fact healthy.  As a society we should remember that putting a label on someone can be hurtful.  Putting a label on someone can also be useful.  Labels are significant in how people act, think and form an opinion of you.  When you put a label on someone, remember, they are also putting a label on you.

I am Mrs. Hedman.  I am a Medical Laboratory Technologist.  I am an artist.  I am part of a family.  I am an American.  I am a feminist.  These things are part of what makes me, well…ME….but I am more than my labels.