Mitt Romney Is The Last Person To Listen To On Electability

On “Meet the Press”, Mitt Romney was asked his thoughts on who would be the most formidable GOP candidates in 2016.  He answered

Romney said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R)
stands out as one of the brightest lights in the GOP, but also listed
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Rep. Paul Ryan

“I mean there is a long list of very capable people, but Chris
Christie stands out as one of the very strongest lights in the
Republican Party,” Romney said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

It should be no surprise Romney named four of his fellow members of
the establishment wing of the Republican Party as his preferred
candidates.  However, as we consider taking Romney’s advice, we should ask ourselves whether or not we should even be listening to him.

Mitt Romney’s political career is largely unimpressive and marred by political failure.  He ran for US Senate and lost in 1994.  He then ran for governor of Massachusetts
in 2002 as a liberal Republican and only won after unleashing a last
minute barrage of negative ads against his Democrat opponent.  In
2008 he ran for the GOP nomination for president
and lost to John McCain.  He then of course ran again for
President in 2012 and lost to Barack Obama, even though Obama had to
deal with a lousy economy, high unemployment, and a general.negative
attitude about the direction of the country.

Mitt Romney is by all accounts a decent human being, a successful
businessman, and a man.  However, he is a failure
as a politician.  The GOP would be wise to begin discarding
political failures like Romney, Karl Rove, and that whole establishment
crew that are the proven architects of political failure.

The Republican Party needs to nominate a candidate who can both
motivate the grassroots of the party while at the same time that can be
perceived as likable by average Americans who don’t vote on issues.
Mitt Romney failed to do either, so why are we listening to him again?