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If you found our site listening to the Mark McCaig show when I filled in for him on Sunday 2/24, here are the links I mentioned on the air, and some other related links I might have missed.  You can also click the link above for the podcast if you missed the show.  You didn’t miss the show, did you?  Surely you didn’t!

Also, in case I forgot to mention it, my new web show debuts this Tuesday, 2/26 at 10 pm Eastern.  Catch the first “On The Line with SomethingFishie” and check out the quick and dirty promo I did for it


GOP Problems  


“MARK LEVIN: Karl Rove Is A Despised Propagandist ‘Doughboy’ With A Stupid White Board”

“Gingrich: Rove’s Plans to Weed Out GOP Candidates ‘Repugnant’”

“Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?”

“Upworthy — or, How we are losing the internet to lowest of low information young liberals”

“So NOW What Do We Do?”

“The Blame Righty mob falls silent”

“Senator Ted Cruz has a brain.”

Anonymous Vs Anonymous

“Marco. Paul. Oh.”

“I Don’t Have The Answers”

“My Tea With Meredith Dake”


“ABC: Devastating sequester cuts? Give me a break!”


“Is Anyone Going To Notice The Left’s Hysterical Hysteria Over Guns?”

“Gun Retailer Abandons California for Texas”

“Colorado University Advises Students to Urinate, Vomit to Stop Rapists”

“University of Houston Sexual Assault Prevention Tactics: Talk Calmly or Use A Purse”

“The Post in Which I Piss Off EVERYBODY.”

“Going Great Guns”


“Bloomberg’s ban prohibits 2-liter soda with your pizza and some nightclub mixers”

RE: Culture: Heroes

“The Vicious Cycle of Minimum Wage”

“Is Smart Making Us Dumb?”