Marco. Paul. Oh.

Hey Conservatives, guess what?  You’re a hot commodity!  You have not one, but TWO United States Senators who want to be your PresidentValentine!  On Tuesday both Marco Rubio and Rand Paul gave rebuttals to the President’s droning and fallacy-ridden State Of The Union Speech, intending, ostensibly, to woo you and secure your affections.
So, which Senator is offering the most marbled and carefully seared red meat? Let’s look!

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I was very impressed with Rand’s response, particularly after being disappointed by previous “Tea Party” rebuttals.  He hit his points well and looked comfortable, all while hammering away at both Obama’s sycophants as well as the more government friendly Republicans in congress.  Rand got out in front on a lot of important issues, most contentious (to me at least) of which was his view on addressing immigration:

“We are the party that embraces hard work and ingenuity, therefore we must be the party that embraces the immigrant who wants to come to America for a better future.  We must be the party who sees immigrants as assets, not liabilities.  We must be the party that says, “If you want to work, if you want to become an American, we welcome you.”

Very open ended there, huh?  This is the issue I think will define the next couple of election cycles, particularly 2016, so it’s not surprising that Rand would delve into it.  What is surprising that he made no mention of securing our border, one of those rare issues that most conservatives agree on, anywhere in his remarks… Interesting.

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Senator Rubio’s  response, while marred by an epically huge gaffe of unrecoverable size (basically equivalent to deleting your win32 file), was actually really good.
That’s unusual coming from me,  I have been a critic of the Sunshine Stater after his ridiculous co-sponsorship of PIPA,  but his speech Tuesday was legitimately compelling enough to make me ignore, at least for a while, his past transgressions.  Marco was more personal and personable than Rand in his rebuttal, citing both his parents’ use of medicare and his own student loan debts in his carving up of Obama’s foible-filled annual PR stunt, even disclosing that he’d only repaid the last of his student loans in the past year:

“When I finished school, I owed over 100,000 dollars in student loans, a debt I paid off just a few months ago.  Today, many graduates face massive student debt.  We must give students more information on the costs and benefits of the student loans they’re taking out.”

Mitt Romney this man is not.

He’s also not Rand Paul either; he noted strongly that we need to secure our borders as a first step towards immigration reform.  That and he had a bit of a dry mouth thing going on, something that really humanized him for me, even while it  made him the butt of liberal jokes everywhere.   A fine trade-off as far as I’m concerned; Jon Stewart was going to make fun of him anyway.

So, now that I’ve given my opinion of these two Republican Casanovas’ speeches, which one do I think will win the hearts & minds of conservatives this Valentine’s Day?

Ahh, cruel fate.  Oh well, I’m sure one of these two will grow on us eventually.  They have two and three fourths years worth of courting to do.  Best play coy for now.