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Kim Davis – Fighting the Wrong Battle

Well, I just watched a clip of the former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee at the Kim Davis rally, complete with the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and people at the rally waving crosses. And as a Christian who believes the Supreme Court ruled incorrectly in Obergefell vs. Hodges, seeing that clip made me absolutely furious . . . at everyone at that rally.

The cross is not a weapon against other people.  It’s not something with which to taunt people with whom you disagree. The cross is a sign of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind. That cross is where our Lord sent his only Son to use his blood to ransom the sin of the world. And to see it waved around like a pennant at a baseball game infuriates me to no end.  By the way, for those of you at that rally, it wasn’t just my sin that was ransomed by Jesus’ crucifixion it was the sin of everyone in the world, and yes, that includes gay people!

Gov. Huckabee, on this issue you’ve acted like P.T. Barnum.  As someone who is a Christian pastor you should be ashamed of yourself for cheapening the Cross and the issue of religious liberty. And that goes double for you, Senator Ted Cruz. You’ve made it more difficult for me and many others that want to defend religious liberty to fight the direct attacks on the church that are coming.

If people, who can be persuaded one way or the other, start to see the Cross as a weapon Christians use against non-Christians, then I’ve got news for you: they will not care very much if churches are forced to perform gay weddings against the tenets of their religion. Nor will they care much if government threatens churches that don’t comply with the loss of their tax exempt status (and there are plenty of voices on the left now willing to go after churches on the tax issue).

And what about the other religious issues that could affect?  Like school choice, the ability to allow children in bad public schools to pick a private school to go to, perhaps a Catholic school or a Christian school. You’ve made that fight much tougher. What about the current attacks on Catholic hospitals and the Little Sisters of the Poor by the Obama Administration over the Affordable Car Act (aka Obamacare)? You’ve made that tougher, too. What about Christian churches taking a bigger role in feeding the homeless and fighting poverty? You’ve made that tougher as well, and that’s the worst part. No government on this earth has served the poor as well as the church, and Christian charity can do a damn sight better job than any government entity that exists. But oh, no; Gov. Huckabee and Sen. Cruz, you have to try some way to take attention away from Donald Trump and capture the Trump-obsessed media, so you do all this damage. I am too angry to be disappointed.

Now a word on Kim Davis. This episode could’ve been an opportunity to show how a government is beset by politicians that care only for their position, and not for the law they have to administer or the people that their administration affects. Ms. Davis is an elected Democrat making $80,000 a year. She hired her son so that he gets to wet his beak in the public trough as well. If Ms. Davis had any honor she would resign. Don’t like the law and don’t want to enforce it?  Then quit.  History is full of people who have done that, including officials that have lost their lives for it! But Ms. Davis loves the public gravy train too much to do that.

And we aren’t talking about an entitled elected official flouting the law and showing why big government is so bad. We aren’t taking this issue on our turf where leftists would be uncomfortable. We could point out the outrage the left feels at Ms. Davis and then ask them why they don’t feel the same when mayors contravene federal law and establish sanctuary cities (and it leads to the death of American citizens). But no, we can’t have that conversation can we?  Not in the midst of this.

Worse still. with all the problems we have in the world, and all the problems the Obama administration hasn’t solved or has made worse (lack of jobs, a glacially slow recovery, ISIS running wild in the Middle East, a bad Iran nuke deal, a potential economic crisis because of problems in China and the Syrian migrant crisis) we are talking about a Kentucky clerk who isn’t enforcing the law. And a Supreme Court decision that has settled gay marriage (for now). Really.

And while I am not sorry to tell people that I won’t ever vote for Huckabee in a primary or general election for president, I am very sorry to say the same about Cruz. Both of you have hurt the conservative movement greatly with this, and I am begging you to stop before you make it worse.