KDawg, Mutts and a Fox (Or, Kurt Schlichter Is a Jerk)

Kurt Schlichter has a really great article up at Breitbart this week on the importance of keeping up with culture in general, and the HBO show “Girls” in specific.  Read the whole thing… later.  Seriously, it’s my turn right now.  Anyway, Kurt told us to watch “Girls”, and since he’s done so much for the country, I guess we should do i-OH GOD MY EYES!


As the slightly older brother of a twenty-something sister, I find “Girls” to  be particularly unsavory.  My sister, a liberal, is pretty much interchangeable with any number of the seemingly (I’ve only seen clips, I’m not paying to watch the show) well-written characters on the show, making their awkward misadventures both relatable and disturbing.  But that’s the point.  “Girls” is a reflection, not a parody, of my generation’s lack of responsibility, inability to deal with stressful situations, and despair with their current situation.  It’s troubling, and, in my case, unsettling to see the causes of the effects I’ve witnessed.  But while I do blame my sister and her friends for their issues, I also have to blame the conservative movement.  Clearly, somewhere along the way, we dun goofed.

I got to see an awe-inspiring movie this week, “The Mark Of Zorro” starring Tyrone Powers; it shocked me.  Mind you, this is a movie I’ve seen maybe fifty times already, but this time it was different.  This time I didn’t just enjoy the easy-to-watch swashbuckling action or the hysterical, effete affectation Powers applies to hide his character’s true motives.  No; this time I saw the story of Don Diego Vega, son of a wealthy land owner recalled home by his father, only to find that his home was not how he left it.  As he travels the familiar landscape of his youth, he encounters a terrified lower class, destitution, and taxes paid in gold, goods or blood.  Being a member of the Bourgeoisie, the plight of the proletariat should be nothing to him, right?  In fact, it should put a smile on Vega’s face to discover that the guy he hired to be his carriage driver was a mute, having been rendered tongueless after railing against paying “his fair share’, shouldn’t he?  (Tongues on peasants are overrated, amirite?)  Certainly, if this movie were made today, Don Diego Vega WOULD have been the bad guy.  He WOULD enjoy the suffering of peasants and, in all likelihood, WOULD have made a knee-slapper of a joke at the tongueless chauffeur’s expense.  Thankfully, the film was shot in 1940; Vega ISthe hero; Vega IS disgusted by the hell the peasants are being put through and, wait for it, the corrupt GOVERNMENT is the bad guy! WTF?!?

When I realized that was the case, I didn’t know where I was; I was disoriented.  It’s one thing for a rich landowner type to be the good guy; it’s something else for him to not be a flawed character; it is UNHEARD of to have him fight against a tyrannical government!  But to have a tyrannical government whose main threat is issued in the form of “Pay your taxes, or else!” be the BAD guy?  You’re tripping balls if you think a movie like this could get made today.  And that brings me back to why I’m going to sit through the horrible crap that is “Girls”.  We’ve lost the culture.  Well, WE haven’t.  It’s been lost since, like, the 60′s or something; I don’t know, I’m 23.  Our task, which is Herculean in scope and difficulty, is to infiltrate the culture, talk about it with those who enjoy the culture, answer the questions posed by them and leave things just a little bit more conservative than we found them.

But we have to do it.

Because I really like The Mark Of Zorro, and I’d like to see more movies, books and TV shows similar to it.  But I won’t get to.  At least not until the democratizing power of advancing technology makes it affordable, if not easy, to make quality films with low budgets and conservative values.  Or we overtake the current culture.  I won’t hold my breath on the latter, but it’s at least something to do while we wait for the former.

So, I’m off to find some pirated episode of “Girls” on the the Internet… that sounded bad.  Never mind that previous statement.  I won’t be doing that, I’ll be watching FREE episodes of Chloe & Zoe on YouTube! (Its got bad language, but you shouldn’t care.)
It’s like Girls, except Nick Searcy’s in it.

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