Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should!

Lately, the online world has been very nasty. The personal attacks, the whining about it and then engaging back in the attacks, and complaining about the other party are just too much.  I would expect this from the very young, but not from adults.  People have rights, but what they forget is that with these rights come responsibility and respect.  Yes you have the right to swear as part of free speech but that doesn’t mean you should.

People will jump on the bandwagon with regard to these rights, but don’t treat these rights responsibly and with respect.  How do we expect the other side to respect our rights when we don’t respect them ourselves?  Calling someone the “c” word is disrespectful.  Why would someone expect another person to take the time to understand the issue at hand when personal attacks like these are taking place?

When someone goes on these personal type of attacks, he can lose the ground on which he stands.  You can lose on being taken seriously when making a point.  You can lose the respect of others who would stand by you when you are being attacked.  You can look like those you despise.

So yes, go ahead and swear, go ahead with vulgarity, but don’t expect others to agree with your tactics.  And the excuse “well if I am being attacked by my enemy, I must be doing something right” is an absolute cop out.  Sometimes a jerk is really just a jerk.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!