John Cornyn #RINO

Yesterday, Senator John Cornyn(R-TX) issued a statement on immigration.  In that statement, he made the classic blunder of appearing to be compassionate when referring to the slews of illegal children
currently being warehoused here in the states:  “They need to be
taken care of, I mean they’ve been left, basically dumped at America’s
doorstep, and we need to treat them compassionately we need to make sure
they get the care they need,”.

Really Senator? Have you no shame?  Don’t you know that these children are ILLEGALS?

Thankfully, Twitter (along with comments sections and Facebook posts) were there to set him right:



Thank goodness for these patriots!  Without them, John Cornyn
and Republicans like him might have actually looked like a nice guy to
Hispanics, or worse, LIBERALS!  With the aid of those great
Americans patTrolling our digital border, we’ve achieved a complete
messaging success, proving to the rest of the country that Conservatives
are correct about immigration, swaying public opinion to our favor by
offering the foolproof solution of “putting them on the bus back home”.

This is THE breakthrough we’ve been waiting for, coming, of course,
not from the party elites, but from the rank and file members of the
anonymous online conservative movement. They have reminded us that it’s
important to take a principled stand, particularly when it comes to the
insidious machinations of illegal (and most likely communist) children.
Children sent who were sent here by their parents for the sole purpose
of draining the American taxpayers of everything we have, not in hopes
of achieving a better life and escaping horrific situations abroad as
the MSM would have you believe.

It is for that reason that I suggest we warn all uninformed
Americans, sheeple as they may be, of this current affront going on at
our border.

In crafting that warning, I believe we should pay homage to the brave
tweeters who brought us back to the reality of this situation, as well
as to the great state of Texas (whose state GOP recently achieved
similarly great messaging wins).

So, America, as an envoy of the Tea Party, and as a principled TRUE Republican, I warn you:


Also, this piece is SATIRE.