I Don’t Do April Fools Day

I Don’t do April Fools Day

My family was the type that loved to play practical jokes on each other.  Sometime way over the top.  From electrically-switched water hoses, to flour bombs, to any sorts of nasty stuff… MY dad once put my brother’s car in a garage sideways!  Then pull the tires and put them in the truck!  It was more to out-do each other each time!  Well with growing up and some of my family moving on, the jokes fell on hard times. Not that they died completely, but just not as frequently.

Then the year 1992 came along and that was the end of April Fools Day….

I was up late on March 31st when my brother Ron called and said that he had blown the motor on his truck and limped into Cedar City Utah.  It was about midnight at home, and he called to tell me that he had lined up someone to work on it in the AM and that it was going to be down for a few days, and spendy.  I told him that he just needed to get a motel room and get ready to watch a lot of TV.  He said that he was just going to stay in the truck that night, and then would have to get a room to stay in. He said he would call in the morning when things were more set, and that he knew that we had legal business out of town on April 2nd and that he would need some money sent to him.  I said that it would get cold tonight, and he said he wasn’t worried, as he had a heater.

Well the next day comes and no calls.  He had a cell phone, yeah… it was one of those big bulky bag phones, but it had been handy to have for him being on the road all the time.  We kept calling it but no answer.  This was odd, and as the day went on and no word came we started to wonder what was up, but kept getting ready to go out of town.  

About 2 PM my brother’s boss calls wondering if we had heard from him.  Nothing…. Then he called about 3 PM and said that he had a driver in the area and was going to have him stop and see what was up with Ron’s truck.  He stopped, truck’s locked, no Ron.  Well they called the police to come out and see what was inside the truck.

At about 5 PM I picked up the phone and the voice on the other end said “Hello This is Sgt. (cant remember the name) of the Utah Highway Patrol and …. I stopped him right there and said “Please let me get my dad.”  My dad was informed that his son Ron had passed away due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from a unvented heater.  He more or less went to sleep and never woke up.

This was April 1st 1992, he was 32 yrs old, and it is why I don’t do April Fools Day.

Its been 21 yrs now; its hard to sometimes remember what he sounded like or looked like.  But I probably think of him every day.  I wonder what he would think of the current events in this country.  I remember one of our last conversations was about how the Democrats had no chance with that idiot from Arkansas, and that George the First would slide into a second term.

Well we all know the story from there, but he didn’t get to see all of the Bushes and Clintons we have had to deal with.  I personally think, in my brothers memory, we should swear off both families for at least a generation or two!