How To Punk your Troll

What is a troll?

A troll is nothing more than a thug and a bully.  A troll doesn’t create, invent, or build anything.  They exist only to tear down and destroy.  They don’t have the courage to show their face on camera or say their own name, instead they hide behind a thousand masks.

Stephen and I started Foreign Matters back in September and on the Spreecast video format in December of 2012.  Our audience is filled with individuals who engage, discuss, and debate foreign affairs and foreign policy.  The debate is healthy, productive, and lively.

Then, the troll showed up.  Rather than engage on the topics at hand, as evidenced by the title of our show, Foreign Matters, the troll chose to go completely off topic and riled up the chat audience such that they stopped discussing the topic and instead focused on him.

Now, the best way to deal with a troll is to ban or block them.  They aren’t interested in constructive conversation or debate.  They exist simply to tear you down, insult you, and steal your time.  Thus, you starve them, by ignoring them.   And after that first appearance that’s how we’ve chosen to deal with them.

However, the troll we have is rather persistent and likes to return week after week.  We noticed this and decided to have some fun at his expense.  After all, if we’re going to waste time on him, why not do it of our own choosing and do something we liked rather than letting the troll dictate those terms.

So, on Thursday, April 11, we started our Foreign Matters show by punking a troll.  Stephen and I had a blast turning the tables on a troll and we hope that you get an equal amount of enjoyment seeing a troll get his just desserts.  Enjoy!