Hello New Jersey; This Is Houston Calling

Last night, a small group of Houston-area tea partiers and Republicans met just inside the Loop in Houston for a little political activism.  The meeting wasn’t called by any organization, and there were no speakers in attendance to wow the crowd.  Instead, a half-dozen people who care about politics spent a couple of hours making calls for a candidate in the upcoming New Jersey special election on October 16th.

Why would a handful of people from three counties around Houston care about the New Jersey senate race?  Well, as my fellow organizer of the event Kelly Horsley likes to say, liberty crosses state lines.  In the same way that conservatives around the country rallied to the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, in the same way they supported Scott Walker in his recall election, we wanted to do our part to get another conservative Senator into office and flip a seat that has been held by liberal (and provably corrupt) Democrats for over forty years.

So Kelly and I got in touch with the campaign, then put out the call via Facebook.  And though the gathering was a small one, with a mere six of us attending, we logged hundreds of calls for the Lonegan campaign, and spoke to over 150 people in New Jersey, most of whom were aware of the election and ready to vote for Steve Lonegan.

And the task isn’t as impossible as people might think.  Early in the summer, people were certain that Cory Booker had the election wrapped up with a huge lead, polling around 35% over Lonegan.  However, Booker’s horrible record as mayor of Newark and his propensity for gadding about with Hollywood celebrities while people in Newark suffer from high crime rates, low graduation rates, and a string of murders while the mayor was out of town, is starting to tell.  The latest polling indicates that Lonegan has closed the race in an amazing fashion, with some polls having him within the margin of error.  It’s worrying progressives so much that Nanny Bloomberg is pouring $1 million into Booker’s campaign in hopes of saving it.  That’s an incredible story and a situation ripe for victory, one that conservatives ought to take advantage of.

Tonight Lonegan and Booker face off again in their final debate before next Wednesday’s election.  Our fellow radical NJlibertarian suggested to the the campaign that they use Booker’s repetitive, knee-jerking sneers at the tea party during the debate as a fundraising gimmick for Lonegan, and the campaign has listened.  They’re asking people to donate $5, $10 or $25 each time Booker says ‘tea party’, and they’ve even started the #BookerSaidTeaParty hashtag to track it during the debate.  THIS is how you flip a supposed negative back on your attacker, and render it ridiculous.

I just wish there was going to be a counter and a bell over the broadcast when Booker does do it.

There’s still a week to go before the special election, and Steve Lonegan needs all the support he can get, from within New Jersey and without.  Check out his site at Lonegan for Senatemake a donation (or several, if you’re watching the debate), and sign up to make some phone calls from home.  The 2014 elections start NOW.  Imagine the message it would send to the progressives if Cory Booker, the darling of the media and Hollywood, was defeated by a serious conservative in NEW JERSEY.  We can make that happen, and we’ve got exactly one week to do it.

And Kelly is right – liberty crosses state lines.  And as we’ve seen even more vividly since the shutdown, so does tyranny.