Gun Control Laws: Do We Really Need More?

I don’t care whether you are a Democrat or Republican, I truly don’t… But this gun-control crap being pushed by our politicians (both Democrat and a few Republicans) is not only unnecessary –  because we already have gun laws and background checks – but it also will do nothing to stop these types of crimes.

Years ago as a youth I was given the nick name of “Statman;” I was obsessed with sports statistics of any kind.  As I became older, that passion did not fade but bled over to statistics that really mattered.  No longer was I interested in the batting average of Albert Pujols with 2 outs with runners in scoring position against left handed pitching on artificial turf at night on a Saturday.  Or Peyton Manning’s quarterback rating in the fourth quarter while trailing on the road playing on natural grass.  No, I became interested in statistics that related to real-life things that were important.

Sure, there are those who think statistics are for losers and that you can get them to say whatever you want them to, but I believe numbers don’t lie; people do.

So with this re-ignited gun-control debate going on across our country brought upon us because of the recent mass killings,  Democrats have taken advantage of this by trying to shove gun-control down our throats once again.  If you disagree with them, liberals are masterful at demonizing you: you somehow don’t care that innocent people are gunned down by crazed maniacs.

Let’s take a look at those numbers in depth.
From 2007-2011 there were 15 mass killings in the United States, resulting in 139 murders of innocent people.  Of those 15 mass killings, 4 of those people who were responsible obtained their weapons illegally.  Of those 15 mass killings, two were carried out with semi-automatic rifles (the ones they want to ban) one was done with an AK-47.
While all of those 139 deaths were senseless killings of innocent people, here are some more numbers to look at in comparison.  From 2007-2011 there were 467 people murdered by fire, 212 by narcotics, 552 by strangulation, 467 by Asphyxiation – all of which topped the 139 killings BY FAR!!  There were also 8,967 murders by knives or cutting instruments, 2,918 murders by clubs, hammers etc.. 4,058 murders by fists,  feet or pushing.  Where is the outrage of banning knives, clubs, and hammers?

But 139 mass killing deaths out of 68,720 total murders (0.02%) signals Democrats and a few select Republicans that we need more laws and more restrictions on guns; more laws and restrictions that criminals won’t follow anyway?

Let’s further put these numbers into perspective.  From 2007-2011 178,147  people have died in car deaths.  Over the same period, 46,313 people have been murdered by guns.  Furthermore over that period a total of 68,720 people have been murdered.  Numbers don’t lie: you have a 259% higher chance that you will be killed getting into your car rather than being murdered, and a 384% higher chance you will be killed in a car accident than murdered with a gun.  Should we ban all cars?  They clearly kill more people than guns do.
Since 1992 the violent crime rate (includes rape, robbery, aggravated assault) has dropped 49%.  It has gone from 757.7 per 100,000 people to 386.3 in 2011.  The numbers are clear: more guns=lower violent crime rate.
The point I’m trying to make is that you don’t penalize millions of legal, responsible, law-abiding citizens over the actions of 15 people.  Our right to bear arms doesn’t exist  for duck hunting; it is there to protect our families from evil people, and most of all it is there to protect us from a government that goes too far.

To Democrats: Where is the line where you stop supporting your liberal politicians?  I have a line with my RINO politicians (Republican in name only.)  The 16 senators that voted to continue with this gun control legislation no longer have my support.  The ones that voted to raise taxes no longer have my support.  Nor, for that matter, does any Republican that voted for Obamacare have my support.  Where is your line in the sand?  Or do you have one?  How big must the government become before you say: “Woah that’s too far!”  Is it taxing the wealthy at 75% like the French do?  Is it total gun confiscation like the Brits and Australia have done?  Is it 20 trillion in debt?  25 trillion?  When is enough enough?

For me it used to be that any time I heard a liberal Democrat speak, it was like fingernails on a chalk board.  Now RINO politicians like John McCain and Lindsay Graham have that same effect on me.

To those Democrats that argue that conservatives don’t care about our children being gun-downed:  as of the writing of this article, there have been over 56 million abortions performed in America since Roe v Wade in 1973.  You have the nerve to say we conservatives are immoral when it comes to gun control, but you celebrate the right to choose to abort a innocent human being; not just one, but 56 million innocent human beings.

Forget the Democrat and Republican crap for a moment.  If we don’t come together as Americans, there won’t be an America the way it was founded to come together for.