Greener Grassroots – Fitness Goals for 2017

Ah, the new year, when resolutionists are returning to the gym, restarting old diets or trying on new ones; preparing to develop muscles or better habits, or struggling to lose weight and drop unhealthy lifestyles. Good on you all, I say, as I raise my Sonic cup in salute and promise to look up a local yoga class. Eventually. And try to block out my recent discovery of a burger place that sells funnel cakes.

But while everyone else is off to the gym, I want to focus on some activism fitness goals; goals that cost less, don’t make us sweat (too much), and produce gains that can’t be lost as easily.

Let’s back up a bit though; if you’re a regular reader of Greener Grassroots, I’m making certain assumptions about you:

  • You’re an activist, or you aspire to be.
  • There are things you’d like to change in your community, your state, your country.
  • You’re past the outrage and complaining stage in seeking change.
  • You don’t have time to waste, and you aren’t just looking for a hobby.
  • You are interested in learning how to get better at getting what you want.
  • You know there is more to politics than a presidential election every four years.
Sure, the presidential election may be over, and people may be paying less attention, but the issues of the election will remain in the public eye for some time. And there are many other issues that were downplayed or ignored altogether, but that still need focus and attention drawn to them. In order to advance the things that are important to us, we should make sure we’re in good form to do so.

For the next few weeks in this space, I’m going to focus on some fitness checks that we can do to make sure we’re getting better equipped to champion the issues we care about. I’ll also highlight a few issues with broad appeal that readers can use to get started if they haven’t discovered which issues motivate them the most. We’ll deal with gaining expertise and knowledge in areas that will help you improve your chances of success right away, and will build skills and experience that will last a lot longer than most fitness resolutions.

No, we aren’t necessarily going to the gym, but we’re absolutely going to get a workout. So let’s suit up, Grassrootsers!