Grassroots Profile – My Campaign Coach

A Fort Worth political consulting firm is creating podcasts and free resources for political activists. See how these Texas guys are giving you tools you need.

If you’ve been a regular reader of Greener Grassroots, you know that one of my frustrations in politics is with information gatekeepers: those folks who horde information as a means to obtain or maintain power. As someone who tries to advocate for good policies and fight bad ones, I’m well aware of how a lack of critical information can sabotage an effort or a campaign. And I’m always on the lookout for organizations who have it as part of their mission to demystify as much of the elements of political engagement as possible.

When I heard that two allies from my days in the trenches were beginning a new endeavor, I made a note to follow what they were up to. Raz Shafer and Andrew Kerr have teamed up to create My Campaign Coach, a company that trains conservatives to run for office and win. They cover the elements of successful campaigning, such as fundraising, messaging, coordinating volunteers, and help candidates, staff, and volunteers design and execute a winning strategy.

But what’s even better than all the many years of expertise these guys bring to the table, is the fact that they are also developing resources that they are making available for free. Signing up for their newsletter gives you access to tools and tips that most consultants would never simply give away. And if you check out their Facebook page, you’ll find episodes of their podcast, where they talk to campaign staffers, activists, and elected officials about their own experiences and insights. The podcast is informative, entertaining, and an immensely valuable source of knowledge and encouragement for people who are interested in making a difference in politics.

No matter where you are on the political spectrum, or what issues you’re planning to advocate, the guys behind My Campaign Coach are making it easier for people to participate in the political sphere, and giving away knowledge that others hold closely. And who knows, you just might find after listening to the podcasts and reading the newsletters, that you are ready to run for office or work on a campaign team. I can recommend these guys as effective and insightful from my own experience with them. Now you can get to know them and learn from them too.