Giving the Left a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Two New York City police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were brutally murdered Saturday by someone claiming to exact revenge for what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. and what happened to Eric Garner in New York.

Leftists led by the Reverend Al Sharpton have fomented racial divisiveness and animosity towards the police in the weeks following these two incidents. Bill de Blasio, the New York City mayor, only made it worse by telling the world that he told his son to fear the cops. Their rhetoric has borne this particularly bitter and evil fruit. I agree with former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik on this, there is blood on Sharpton’s and de Blasio’s hands.

And now it’s time to use the tactics of the left against these two and the rest of the left that’s used the incidences to accuse conservatives of racism and the police of waging war on young black men.

New Yorkers outraged by de Blasio and Sharpton should peacefully protest in front of Gracie Mansion, the home of the mayor, and in front of NBC studios. They should be using those opportunities to ask that de Blasio resign as the mayor (I know he won’t but the symbolism will be powerful) and that Sharpton be fired from his job at MSNBC.

And it’s time for a boycott of whatever advertisers MSNBC has left. It’s simply time for the rest of America to stick it to these nasty race-baiting scumbags. And whenever we can, let’s remind the left of their role in the death of these two cops anytime they try to make a point about anything. Keep pounding this terrible incident into the heads of regular America so that they can get the point. And even if it might go nowhere, I would like to see a conservative legal foundation help the officers sue Sharpton to keep this case and narrative alive.

Like many conservatives, I was pretty outraged at the lack of an indictment for the police officer in the Garner case. I know there is some disagreement among conservatives on that issue, but put that aside for a moment. After what happened to those police officers, people should do all they can to support the Garner family more. While de Blasio and Sharpton have acted disgracefully throughout all of this, the Garner family has acted with dignity and grace in the face of an awful tragedy for them.

A Rare Thank You To The President

Here’s an uncommon moment where I am going to applaud President Barack Obama. Because since I was in high school debating this issue in student congress, I’ve believed the embargo against Cuba needed to be ended.

My foremost reason for this is that the policy is a relic of a different era (the original Cold War) and it’s only stayed in place because of the very powerful Cuban community in the South Florida. If you wanted any chance at those votes at election time you had to support the embargo.

While Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is right that Cuba’s incompetent leaders are to blame for their dour economic situation, the embargo has played its role as well. I think it’s time for Americans companies to be able to invest in the island the way Europe and Canada has.

One of the rationales for opening trade to China was that American trade could liberalize the country. While that’s not worked with China it can work with Cuba who has an ossified, decaying regime that’s on its last legs.

And while European and Canadian businesses don’t care about encouraging freedom and liberty in Cuba, there are some American businessman who do (looking furtively at the Koch brothers). Trade with Cuba really is the camel’s nose under the tent for freedom and democracy. Lifting the embargo is an opportunity to hasten the decline of the Castro regime and create another market for American goods.

This is the right move, and while I imagine the new Republican Congress will be unwilling to lift the embargo they should. Less sanctions on Cuba, not a threat to us, more sanctions on Iran, an existential threat not just to us, but to world peace!


  1. Bill Hansen says:

    Why wouldn’t a father of a son who “looks Black” tell his son to “fear the police” in NYC? Yes, as mayor that was probably not politically correct, but as a father, it fits the warning Eric Holder gave his son if here pulled over by the police…to make sure to keep his hands on top of the steering wheel and not to talk back to the officer, etc. Al Sharpton may be a civil rights version of an ambulance chsing attorney, but no one needs to “stir things up” when the police are getting away with murder. I think you and your conservative blogging friends would certainly be singing a different tune if the killings were of white middle class men and the killers were Black gang members..and grand juries were, through some lapse in sanity, were failing to prosecute or juries were finding “not guilty” after the trials were moved to all black neighborhoods because the gang .members didn’t believe they could gt a fair trial in a white/mixed neighborhood

  2. J.d. Bryden says:

    You might have missed this part:

    “Like many conservatives, I was pretty outraged at the lack of an indictment for the police officer in the Garner case. I know there is
    some disagreement among conservatives on that issue, but put that aside for a moment. After what happened to those police officers, people should do all they can to support the Garner family more. While deBlasio and Sharpton have acted disgracefully throughout all of this, the Garner family has acted with dignity and grace in the face of an awful tragedy for them.”

  3. Bill Hansen says:

    And what about all the other cases of “police violence”, profiling, pat-downs, trials being moved to Albany, etc….I understand that being a NYC cop is not an easy job, but people have rights, and this nation is not South Africa in the 60’s. The author thinks some nice words cover the fact that the NYPD got away with murder and torture in the past…and will again, if the people are not vigilant. Now the head of the police union is accusing peaceful protestors of causing the murder of the 2 officers. Asshole…HE’S the problem…and officers like the 3 photographed wearing “I CAN BREATHE” t-shirts. The police are trained to shoot…they need to be trained how to think, too.

  4. “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” that is not peaceful protest.

  5. Bill Hansen says:

    No, it’s not. There are assholes on bothsides…only one side is sworn to uphold the law, the Constitution, “Serve and Protect” the people, and carry guns lawfully

  6. @oawdixon addressed that moral equivalence on his twitter timeline better than I ever could yesterday. Michael Brown and Eric Garner didn’t die because they were black. These cops were murdered because they were cops. And another police officer was shot in Tarpon Springs, Fla. today

  7. Bill Hansen says:

    They did die because they were black.so did Tryvon Martin and many other young black men…really, you think Zimmerman would have followed Martin if he’d been a white boy….

  8. Zimmerman wasn’t a cop.

  9. J.d. Bryden says:

    Please continue Bill, it’s quite fun watching George destroy your talking points.

  10. Bill Hansen says:

    Officer Wilson, same thing…undercover cops shooting an unarmed black man sitting on his doorstep…27 times when he pulled out his cell phone….trials getting moved to Simi valley from LA or to Albany from NYC so the white cops don’t have to have blacks on the jury….can a black gangbanger get his trial moved to the innercity and load up his jurybox with his neighbors. Don’t give me crap about how the police are being victimized…. teach in a prison, I know what assholes people can be..both inmates and stff. Our Corrections Officers are trained professionals…they deal with some pretty nasty people every day, with no weapons, outnumbered and relying on their training and wits.and almost never do they need to resort to violence. Cops need to be professional, maybe WIDOC can do some in-service training for them

  11. Officer Wilson wasn’t the same thing. The Hands Up Don’t Shoot narrative was not backed up by physical evidence and is a lie that has been used to stir this noxious stew we have. And trials getting moved is not a very normal circumstance and why does a black gangbanger have to be moved to the inner city? And in some of the toughest prisons corrections officers carry guns and I am pretty sure they carry nightsticks or batons as well.
    And when two cops are shot execution style I’d say that’s the police being victimized. No one is arguing the police is perfect (and in fact there isn’t enough done by internal affairs to investigate police malfeasance) but encouraging people to fight them and kill them is beyond the pale. That’s what race-baiting leftists have done here and they’ve made their bed and will lie in it.

  12. Bill Hansen says:

    Oh, please, JD…why don’t you Google police shootings of blacks…and see what come up. all we hear about are the major ones…and the ones that result in shootings…what about the everyday harassment? I guess I should be glad we’ve gotten beyond the “good old days” of “Mississippi Burning” when they were searching for the 3 civil rights workers and found 16 black bodies..but not “the right ones”..so the news didn’t report them. How the hell can you stand being a Republican and a conservative when you’re obviously an intelligent guy….conservatives are bound to lose in the long run, you know that, right? Times change..even Mississippi changed, sort of…a conservative today was a moderate 50 years ago..and liberal a century ago. It all has to do with how fast you accept the inevitable and commonsense and what is right and decent. Some of us just catch on faster. 🙂

  13. I hate it when someone uses the “you are a smart guy’ comment then denigrates someones beliefs. It is a combination of insulting the person and also implying what they believe has no value. Bill Hansen, I think you are a smart guy so I can’t understand why you are a progressive whose beliefs impoverish communities , destroy wealth creation , foster a culture of envy , foster a culture of class warfare, create a culture where a narrative based on lies that is more important than objective truth and excuses behavior that is truly reprehensible with oh this other stuff has happened which makes this understandable.

  14. The Zimmerman case would have not become a national focus if Martin had been a white kid who assaulted someone and had gotten shot for being on top of Zimmerman slamming his head into the concrete. In Fact if Martin had been white, La Raza would have jumped in to defend Zimmerman who is a Democrat who voted for President Barack Obama twice

  15. Imagine the outrage our Dear Friend Bill Hansen would have if some politicians got shot and people were holding up signs supporting such actions. He would rail about how awful it was and why is such behavior happening in society in our more advanced enlightened period of time. He wouldn’t be making excuses about all the instances where politicians wrecked peoples lives with their actions which people can find if they are interested in making such justifications. He would be talking about all the good politicians do which isn’t invalidated by a few bad actions.

  16. Politicians create the law that the Police are charged with enforcing so supporting Progressive ideology where Politicians create more control over people with the laws they make means the Police have more areas to enforce. So in effect Hansen should be advocating more conservative ideology where politicians have less power which means the police have less areas they can enforce meaning the power the police have is reduced. Instead he does the ‘I know you are a smart guy’ routine

  17. Bill Hansen says:

    My my, Mr. Stubbs, so many mistakes and fabrications and far right lunacy in such a small space….you must be a very smart guy. To start with, it’s not progressive policies that bring poverty to the inner city and rural America…and now suburbia, but your beloved capitalism. Yes, capitalism, when properly controlled and modified can be beneficial to the people, but when let loose to corrupt our political system, pollute our environment, pervert our moral and ethical behavior and in every way “foul our nest”..it is an evil that needs to be controlled or eradicated. As far as politicians…they represent the will of the people.

  18. Bill Hansen says:

    I teach civics, government, and history, and have for the past 30 some years…for the first 20 in public high schools, and for the past 14 for the Dept. of Corrections (I also was an instructor with the US Army Reserve for 10 years..but not in the social studies; NBC defense, chemical weapons, and combat field medic). I see our current “problems in washington as a direct result of indifference, apathy, ignorance and stupidity throughout the electorate. Wisconsin, where i have lived for most of my 64 years, is one of the better states for voter turnout and we’re lucky to get 60% during a presidential election and around 50% in bi-elections…local elections are about 30%. This would be a scandal, but considering the fact that a majority of the voters are poorly informed about the issues and even less informed about the system in general, I don’t see that it makes much difference. Several years ago my fellow Badgers voted Russ Feingold out of office and replaced him in the US Senate with a TEA Party backed lightweight businessman named Ron Johnson. A large portion of those who voted against Feingold said they believed he was doing a good job, but that it was time for a change. They couldn’t name a single thing that he had done that upset them, they couldn’t name any issue that they disagreed …or agreed with him on…or for that matter with Johnson…just that it was “time for a change”. we get the government we deserve…and our government is populated with legislative whores and idiots…not all, but many, and what is terrifying, is that it doesn’t matter which they are and if they do a good job or bad. As Pogo said, “we have met the enemy, and he is us”.

  19. Bill Hansen says:

    I’m sure you think I’m an elitist. You believe the people in their wisdom chose correctly in the last election. what will you think when they elect Hilary? Oh, you don’t think they will? Presidential elections aren’t gerrymandered…and the GOP won’t solve a single problem in 2 years..and GOP base is dying off and even the Democratic Party, as stupid as they are, learn…and they will win the presidency..and probably the Senate. The House will remain a gerrymandered mess until the next census…then we’ll see. I, unlike you, Mr. Stubbs, am not an ideologue, I’m a realist. I’ve been a Cubs fan for 50 years..almost as long as I’ve been a progressive, I can wait (although I may be senile by the time the Dems gain complete control again..if that matters…and hopefully I will have enough wits left to enjoy the Cubs in the World Ser…..ah…let’s stick with reality….).