Gay Marriage Article #9043

I know, I know, not ANOTHER gay marriage article.  But wait! That’s where you’re wrong!  This is a LEGAL BATTLE article………About DOMA and Prop 8……….. Well, I tried.

As @TXBrass mentioned on last night’s Prairie Dogma (which was a blast btw!) gay marriage and the associated topics are starting to get a bit tiring, even for “opinionated” people like me.  That said, I haven’t really yet talked about these two court cases (which, as @PrairieDogSD adroitly pointed out on the aforementioned episode of Prairie Dogma, are really less about gay marriage than they are about the role of government and taxes) so I guess now is a good time to fix that, starting with DOMA.

As I have previously written,  I am against the Federal Government being in the marriage business.  DOMA, while not the only culprit, is certainly a big part of Government’s intrusion into the marriage sector, endorsing marriage as being strictly between a man and a woman, and telling States that they don’t have to acknowledge gay couples who were married in other States as being married.  That second bit seems fine to me since I’m all for State’s rights, but the first bit is a problem.  Our archaic and stupid federal tax code has a few choices for you choose to file under, two of which are conditional upon being married, giving you access to different brackets and what-have-you.  It’s all very Dungeons & Dragons-y, except without the dice rolls.  (Though it does elicit some interesting story telling on occasion.)  Anyway, the way that the tax system is set up (not to mention federal employee benefits) combined with DOMA equals a bunch of pissed-off gay people.  And honestly, I can understand the anger; taxes suck, and gay couples having to pay more than straight couples means essentially getting taxed additionally for your sexual preference, something I know I wouldn’t be happy about if it happened to me.  So, while I would prefer we rectified the tax code issues first, taking a chunk of Federal Government “Oversight” out of the picture is a step in the right direction.

The case of Prop 8 annoys me.  The people of California decided that they didn’t want gay marriage in 2008 and, understandably, some people were unhappy with that result.  However, instead of waiting a bit and then starting a campaign for a new proposition to overturn prop 8  the same way it came into being, a bunch of whinging whiners decided to wage a legal battle over it.  Awesome.  You know what’s even more awesome?  The fact that the State of California decided not to  defend the suit under both the Schwarzenegger & Brown administrations.  Yep, it eventually fell to the backers of Prop 8 to defend it in court, losing in both district and appellate courts before finally landing on the Supreme Court’s doorstep… where it’s likely to be punted back to California, completely disregarding the vote of the people of California.  The whole scenario is ridiculous, and I kind of hope for Prop 8 to be upheld, though I doubt it will, if only to reaffirm that votes have consequences.

In related news,  the Supreme Court case news-cycle has not been without casualties. The majority of the populace’s saturation point on the subject might be far from being reached, but for some of us in the political trenches, the discussion is becoming interminable.  Over at Bail Of Rights, our good friend (and fellow Radical!) Bailey had some stuff to say to people on both ends of the increasingly tedious gay marriage debate; namely that she wasn’t going to be bullied into choosing a side.  That’s a hard thing to do in a polarized society like ours, and it only gets harder in an internet microcosm like Twitter or Facebook.  Facebook in particular is a crucible of peer pressure, demanding you pick sides NOW and fly your team’s colors via the ubiquitous cause-related profile picture.  It’s either that, or face the consequence – other-ization.

For my part, I would like to be the first to congratulate Bails on being both a bigot and a heathen, as well as a RINO & LINO.  Keep up the good work Bails,  sometimes the most Radical thing to do is remain private.

Phew, all right!  That’s all I’ve got on gay marriage for a while!  Hopefully.
I pinky-swear my Tuesday RE: Culture column will be on something else. Probably. >.<

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