Gay Marriage and Other Things

It’s been a long couple of weeks for conservatives, especially those that are socially conservative and/or Christian. Yes, the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states is a blow to the values that many conservatives espouse. But in a vacuum this one decision doesn’t threaten to tear at the fabric of the church and our society.

It’s the aftermath of this decision and the Left’s attack on the churches that we have to be ready for. And while American opinion is not behind forcing churches to perform gay weddings or lose their tax exempt status, I would remind everyone that barely a decade ago there was a solid majority against the legalization of gay marriage. And make no mistake: the Supreme Court as its currently constituted can be swayed by public opinion, so we have to win the battle their to protect the right of churches to practice the tenets of their religion.

Here’s what we shouldn’t be doing: we should not be defying the law and refusing to issue wedding licenses in contravention of the ruling by the highest court in the land. Flouting the law is the move of the Left and should never be the move of the Right. Not only that; the refusal to issue licenses only makes Christian people look more intolerant. That doesn’t help.

But here is what will help. In every state Christians and social conservatives should call their local representatives and ask them to introduce legislation similar to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or simply a bill that says churches don’t have to perform gay weddings against the tenets of their religion.

Now my next prescription is a bit mischievous and perhaps will be even dangerous. All along, those of us worried about other alternative forms of marriage being legalized if gay marriage was recognized. Well let’s show the left what #MarriageEquality really means. Not only should we not stand in the way in the legalization of other forms of marriage like plural marriage, we ought to cite Obergefell vs. Hodges if the Left balks at legalizing other forms of marriage.

I also endorse the idea Vigilant Liberty Radio host Allan Bourdious (among others) advanced that conservatives should use the legal system to make concealed carry of firearms legal in every state under the Full Faith and Credit clause.

We all knew this decision was just the beginning of a battle, but we sure as hell aren’t acting like it and now it’s time to.


Trumped — the GOP’s Donald problem


In the ever-expanding Republican presidential field we now find ourselves with a real-estate mogul/reality TV star joining in. Donald Trump has flirted with running before but now he’s taken the plunge and he’s shaken up the race. His tough (and in my view inarticulate and foolish) rhetoric on illegal immigration has made him a favorite with frustrated conservatives.

But here’s a newsflash for anyone that is considering Trump. He’s not a conservative. He’s never been a conservative. Trump cheered the evisceration of private property rights in the form of another wrongly decided Supreme Court case, New London vs. Kelo. Trump is also for the vague and grossly broad assault weapons ban that is a direct attack on the second amendment and gun rights. And not only that; Trump has given generously to Bill and Hillary Clinton over the year. Now giving to the Clinton Global Initiative is one thing, that organization has done some good things. Giving to the Clinton Family Foundation, essentially a slush fund for the Clintons, is something else. That is what Trump has done.

If you ignore all of that then think of this. Trump’s rhetoric will be something other Republicans will have to answer for. That doesn’t happen on the Democratic side, but that’s another story. And for those of you that want a nominee that will be tougher on illegal immigration, Trump makes that far more difficult because it allows the left to paint those that oppose immigration reform as racist.

There are so many conservatives out there for you that aren’t on the wrong side of those issues and can make the case against amnesty or anything that looks like it. Please don’t go for a reality star, carnival barker who will help Democrats.


The War on Math


For a few years now we’ve heard a lot about austerity, and now we are seeing an open rebellion against the European Union’s version of austerity. Austerity is cutting back on most if not all governmental priorities because of lack of revenues and deficits.

The problem with European austerity is that while there have been cuts to government that are necessary, they haven’t been twinned with the sort of pro-growth tax-cutting or tax-reforming policies that can allow the private sector to create the jobs that can lead to higher tax revenues. Austerity done correctly means that where the public sector recedes the private sector moves in. That is not what’s occurred in places like Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Only Ireland did it correctly.

But here we are with Greece: the people have voted no to an old bailout deal and are conducting a war on austerity. But what does the government of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipiras want to do? He wants to continue spending as before. No spending reforms to deal with their massive government pension problem or their gigantic entitlement state. Greece is $331 billion in debt and what the war on austerity has become is a war on math. They can’t keep spending the same way they always have, and neither can the United States of America. Greece should be a cautionary tale, but I fear that leaders of neither party understand that.