Feed the Beast

I thought I was done writing about politics, but like Michael Corleone said in Godfather 3: “Just when I thought I was out, they keep pulling me back in” The only difference is it’s “Me” that is the “They”.
That being said, I have been sitting on the sidelines watching Trump make conservatives’ heads explode for over 5 months, and its been fun to watch to say the least. I watch every time he has said his asinine things and so many people have been like “Oh this is the one that does him in”. The only thing is it doesn’t do him in, and he seems to gain popularity each time he utters another idiotic statement.
Is it bad of me to enjoy watching on Facebook and Twitter as people lose their marbles over each and every thing he says or does?  Well, I don’t really care if you think its bad or not. To me its been like one long episode of The Apprentice, and thousands get fired every week. “Your Fired”…. Do I owe Donald a dollar?
Since his announcement to run, I have never taken his campaign the least bit seriously. I have always counted on the Republican Primary voter to chase him back to Trump Tower or Trump Whatever with his tail between his legs, and a good lesson that politics and business are nowhere near the same.
What pushed me over the edge to write this was a couple of things that came through the news today. First was a Tweet by Mr. Trump showing that he is still throwing around the idea of a third party run at the White House.
Personally I think his internal numbers show him he isn’t going to win this, and he wants the option of taking his ball home when he starts losing primaries. He also knows that any third party candidacy by him would virtually assure we see another Clinton living at 1600 Pennsylvania  Ave. Well, unless she gets arrested, and that’s for a different article. He holds this over the RNC like a Ninja sword ready to pounce at any moment.
And this brings us to my idea on how to deal with Trump. You could call it The Art of the Deal. My theory is this: let Donald Trump win the New Hampshire primary. It’s as simple as that. He wins, he has delegates and he has to stay a Republican. This is the other thing I saw in the news today, fresh poll from New Hampshire.
It shows that not only has Trump had the lead all along in the state, but he is gaining voters. His numbers have never shown a downturn. It also shows that other than Rubio, the lowest nationwide polling candidates are polling 3rd through 5th, those being Christie, Bush and Kasich. Doing this will save money and time for the other candidates to work those states after New Hampshire. It will also give the MSM something to talk about how Trump is leading and let them spend all that capital pushing a useless candidate. You do know that Trump will come out after a win like that and gloat and make more baseless claims of his greatness.
If you’re thinking that once the Trump steam roller is started it won’t be stoppable, you only has to look at 2012 Newt Gingrich for your answer to that question. Gingrich won South Carolina and was a non factor two weeks later.  Gingrich was never able to transfer that win into any momentum to other states.
It couldn’t be that simple could it?  By giving Trump a simple win, you doom him to be a loser in the long run. You also are not really losing anything, as I feel Trump is going to win New Hampshire either way.  All it costs is 23 primary delegates to make Trump’s third party ideas a thing of the past.  You also get the press and Trump what they want. To feed their egos.