Dysfunction and Unity In The NJ GOP

This past Tuesday, New Jersey Republicans (including me) went to the polls to decide who our candidates would be this November.

However, it seems as though nobody informed the State GOP of that fact.

It is now THREE DAYS [Update: TWO WEEKS] since the primary, and the current headline on the NJGOP’s website is a report from April 3rd
2014 proclaiming Governor Chris Christie’s success fund-raising for the
Republican Governors Association. In fact, the website fails to mention
that the primary election happened at all.

NJGOP’s social media sites fared little better.  On Facebook and Twitter
the party at least did the bare-bones minimum task of asking people to
get out to vote on Tuesday, which, coincidentally, is also the last
we’ve heard about the primary from them.  Instead, both their
Facebook and Twitter pages felt compelled to “report” that Governor
Christie was one of five recipients of the Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council’s  “Father of the Year” award.

I’m sure that that award is a prestigious distinction, and I have no
issue with the party letting me know how awesome a dad Chris Christie
is, but I think that it might be a tad less important than, say,
congratulating Jeff Bell on becoming the party’s candidate for U.S. Senate, who will be facing Cory Booker in November.

Maybe by a smidgen.

In sharp contrast to the blasé response from the state party, Jeff
Bell received immediate support from the three other candidates in the
NJ Republican Senate primary, a feat made all the more shocking when you
take into account Bell’s margin of victory.  Bell won the
nomination with only 29.5% of the vote in a highly competitive, and in more than a few cases, heated, four-man primary.

But that didn’t stop his former opponents Rich Pezzullo (26.2%) Brian Goldberg (24.9%) and Murray Sabrin (19.4%) from endorsing Bell within hours of his victory.

This level of fraternity is something that many GOP races across the
country lack, and is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stifling
political climate for New Jersey Republicans.  Even more refreshing
has been the activity I’ve seen from Brian Goldberg and Rich Pezzullo,
who both look to be gearing up to aid GOP candidates statewide:


Comments like these from former statewide candidates have me truly
excited about the future of NJ conservative politics for the first time
in a long time.  To know that there are still high profile
Republicans ready and willing to go to bat for activists and candidates
in spite of a dearth of leadership from the state GOP is incredibly
energizing and inspiring.

Those comments, and subsequent actions, are also something to be
remembered when 2018 rolls around, where an increasingly feeble Bob
Menendez will be trying his hardest to maintain his seat.

If I were him, I’d be pretty worried.