Drew’s Mad Minute – Piers Morgan – Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey, everybody.  Monday, today, I’m starting to get a little peeved by a certain Brit.  Okay, you’ve worn out your welcome, Dude.  Here’s the thing: we kicked your ass 250 years ago.  Shut the F up, all right?  It’s not for YOU to tell US what we need.  Your damned king 250 years ago tried to do that, and what did we do?  We told him to shove it up his ass.  And I’m telling you to shove it up your ass. 

This is about rights.  No, I don’t need a tank.  I don’t even “need” an AK-47.  But guess what?  I want ‘em!  And I want ten of ‘em!  And guess what?  America’s about it!  I can have it!  I want 30 round clips.  Screw you, I want 50 round clips!  Why?  Because I want to shoot 50 bullets at a time without having to reload!  Why?  Because I’m an American!  And that’s what I can do!

I also want to eat 80 oz steaks.  I don’t need an 80 oz steak, but you know what?  If I want it, I’m going to have it!  Why?  Cuz I go to Texas, I’ll kill a damned cow, and eat half the thing right there.  This is about America.  Nobody “needs” anything.  If you let the government, or some panty-waist, little crap “stain on the mattress” from England tell me what I don’t need, or the government to tell me what I need and don’t need, screw you! 

The whole point of the Constitution is to remind us that God gave us our rights.  God: yeah, that power that oversees everything.  And if you don’t believe in God, I’m sorry, but He’s out there and He exists.  God gave us our rights; the Constitution is just there to remind us as Americans to fight for them, and to say this piece of paper guarantees that our own government won’t do what all the other damned governments in the world are trying to do to their citizens.

We are people and we are free.  If you don’t take your freedom, it will be taken from you.

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