DOMA: FINALLY Gone With the Wind

June 26th, 2013 will be a day that ALL in the LGBT community can look back on, and tell their kids and grandkids that The United States Supreme court ruled in their favor, and deemed The Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.  The ruling was 5-4.  DOMA denied federal benefits to same sex couples who were married under state law.  The 2008 California voter initiative “Proposition 8” at the same time was sent back down to the California courts for lack of standing by the Supreme Court.  Same sex couples can continue to get married in the state.

Justice Kennedy claimed that Congress had no business undermining a state’s decision to extend “The recognition, dignity, and protection” of marriage to same sex couples.  “DOMA writes inequality into the entire United States Code” Kennedy wrote.

Republicans seem to be split on the decision.  Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas has already announced he is sponsoring a Federal Marriage Amendment bill.  “It’s a very sad day for America, and our children” Huelskamp said.  The bill has no co-sponsors yet, Huelskamp told the Huffington Post.  The last time Congress voted on a Federal Marriage Amendment was in 2006, and it failed 236-187.  The 290 vote threshold the bill needed to pass was not met.  Huelskamp would have to get at least 2/3rd of the vote, and that would be a long shot.

It seems that as time goes by, more and more Republicans are coming out in support of gay rights issues.  Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Mark Kirk (R-IL) have both joined Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) in backing same sex marriage.  Justin Amash (R-MI) said in a closed-door meeting “let’s be respectful.” “Marriage is a private institution that government should not define.”  Recently Congressman and former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R-WI) endorsed gay adoptions saying “Adoption, I’d vote differently these days.  I do believe that if there are children who are orphans who do not have a loving person or couple, you know I think if a person wants to love, and raise a child they ought to be able to do that.  Period.  So I would vote that way.”  Kurt Schlichter wrote this piece recently, entitled “Winning After Losing on Gay Marriage”which is worth a read from every conservative.

Zionica news reported that “Supreme Court Announces Americas Death Sentence”, concluding that same-sex marriage is a cancer, and a deadly disease that’s rapidly spreading across America.  With articles like this, no wonder we’ve lost two elections.  Conservatives need to join forces and show some respect, not claim that same-sex marriage is going to destroy America.  If that were the case, then God would have already come forth, and burned America to the ground.

What’s wrong with allowing two people who love each other to get married, and enjoy the same benefits that straight couples enjoy?  As Americans we promote freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  A federal marriage amendment limits the basic ideas that our founding fathers gave us.

Is the Republican Party slowly evolving on the issue?  Maybe, much like the Democratic Party did when civil rights came slapping them in the face.  At one time, interracial couples were denied the right to marry.  But make no mistake: gay marriage isn’t a right or left issue. It’s a freedom issue and an equality issue.

Here are a few federal benefits same sex couples can now enjoy.

-Sponsor their husband/wife for immigration benefits

-File income taxes jointly

-Have join parenting rights, such as access to children’s school records.

-Have next-of-kin status for emergency medical decisions.

-Have family visitation rights, such as visit spouse in a hospital or prison.

-Receive custodial rights to children shared property, child support and alimony after divorce.

-Inherit Property

-Receive spousal benefits when an office is killed in the line of duty.

-Have immunity from testifying against a spouse.

-Receive Spousal Social Security payments.

-Apply for housing assistance if in a low income family.

-Apply for copyright renewal for works created by deceased spouse.

-Receive spousal recognition for policies governing burial at Arlington National Cemetery.