Do More Than Vote! Be An Election Observer!

To ensure integrity in our election process, we must do more than vote!

Election Integrity NJ is seeking volunteers to serve as Election Observers/Challengers in the upcoming Primary Election on June 3rd. Upon completion of our Election Observer/Challenger Training course, participants receive a Certificate of Completion from Election Integrity NJ. If you want to help ensure integrity in our election process, becoming a credentialed Election Observer/Challenger is a very important role.

Please note that Election Integrity NJ cannot appoint Election Observers/Challengers. Participants must submit their Certificate of Completion to a candidate on the ballot, or a political party in order to receive the appropriate credentials to serve as an Election Observer/Challenger. The deadline for candidates and political parties to submit names of Election Observers/Challengers to the County Board of Elections for the upcoming Primary is May 20th.

If interested, please email us at Volunteer@ElectionIntegrityNJ. Election Integrity NJ would be happy to provide our Election Observer/Challenger Training Course to candidates, political parties, and other groups.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are election integrity organizations in every state – contact True The Vote to find out who is working in your area.