De-Facing Rushmore

I woke up this morning to find this among the headlines of today: “5 Reasons Why Obama Isn’t Ready For Rushmore”. I could write a list that could fill several books about all the things President Obama hasn’t done in his first term. But honestly, ObamaCare is his “signature” achievement. Enough said! But this isn’t about President Obama.

How many times does the topic of putting someone else on Mt. Rushmore have to be brought up before someone points out that this is a work of art? You don’t screw with someone else’s art! I am a South Dakotan, born and raised, so my opinion does matter! A man named Gutzon Borglum a sculptors/artist, created, designed and oversaw his piece of art being cut into the stone. He wanted to ensure it would be there until time and weather faded the monument away. This piece of art is a man’s life work; to even consider screwing with it any way would be like painting a toothy smile on the Mona Liza because you don’t like her grin. Or maybe we should paint a boat motor on Washington’s boat crossing the Delaware.

Mt. Rushmore was created to honor great American Presidents as Borglum saw them. After his death in 1941, his son finished another season of work on the mountain and said it was largely done. Even though Borglum had planned a hall of records, amongst other things, it remained to be completed. The Halls were actually cut into the mountain, but sit empty as they were never finished.

So can we now stop all this nonsense of putting anyone on Mt. Rushmore that already isn’t on there! I wouldn’t even want to see Reagan’s face carved into that stone. Why must we screw with someone else’s work?

On second thought, I have some soup can labels I painted, contact me for more information.