Cultural Appropriation: It’s What’s For Dinner

Dear SJW Community,

We at FRN were excited to learn that a free Yoga class at the University of Ottawa has been cancelled because of its clear, unabashed, and utterly colonistic cultural appropriation.

We are inspired by the efforts of University Of Ottawa’s Centre for Students with Disabilities in getting this long-standing program cancelled. And, in solidarity with the cause of ridding the world of cultural appropriation, we’ve created this handy (though by no means exhaustive) list of common and problematic instances of cultural appropriation.

We join you in encouraging the entire SJW community to take the next steps by avoiding, and calling for a ban on, the following:

Almond Milk, Banh Mi, Bison, Brussels Sprouts, Cannoli, the entire Chipotle menu, Chocolate, Churros, Corn, Coconut, Coffee, Fireworks*, Guacamole, Gin, Hemp, Kale, Kimchi, Kiwi, Kombucha, Nutella, Noodles, Pasta, Pizza, Pho, Pineapple, Pot, Rice, Ramen, Rum, Salsa, Seaweed (Nori), Soy Beans, Soy Milk, Soy Sauce, Sriracha, Sushi, Tamales, Tiramisu, Tofu, Tortillas, Vodka, Whiskey, and Wine

*We are particularly disturbed by the use of Fireworks during “celebrations” of Patriarchic and Colonistic oppression- we feel you’ll agree that these activities should cease immediately.

In addition, we are ready to follow your lead in reserving ethnic restaurants as Safe Spaces for members of their respective ethnicities only. We know your utmost ambition is to avoid the further exploitation and triggering of any ethnic group with images of colonialism.

Again, we truly appreciate your leadership in creating this anti-cultural-appropriation movement, and can’t wait to see the sweeping changes it will make in all of our daily lives.

Thank you,

The FRN Team